High flow filter cartridge

*The number of pleats of the filter element and the matching of pleat depth are reasonably designed, there is no dead angle filtration. It with high performance in flow rate &low-pressure drop, reduces energy consumption through less pump pressure, long service life.

*Multi-layer progressive lamination, high interception efficiency, can reach 0.1micron filtration.

*Using ultrasonic hot-melt welding technology, no glue, no leakage, no secondary pollution.

*High quality reinforced and thickened skeleton material, pass thousands of anti-rupture experiments.

Replacement work for high-flow filter cartridges is more faster, easier, and safer, the overall design and the uses of filter materials prevent particle release and unloading. The pleated surface design makes the pressure drop of the high-flow filter cartridge lower than other filter elements and the service life is longer, with the advantages of high efficiency, low-pressure loss, and long life. High-flow filter cartridges with a skeleton inside or outside, and can be customized with a skeleton both inside and outside.  A single piece of the high flow filter cartridge, size 6" diameter, and 60" length, with a theoretical flow capacity of up to 110 tons/hour. Generally, high-flow filter cartridge has 20 times the flux of an ultra-conventional filter element. 

Applications of high-flow filter cartridge

The application of high-flow filter cartridge greatly reduces the number of filter cartridges used, reduce the filter area, and help enterprises save many costs.  It's an ideal choice for a variety of filtration processes in demanding applications. purifying water quality. The PTFE membrane technology of large flow filter elements has always been the core of Ukfa's business in the fields of biomedicine, medical equipment, food and beverage, semiconductor manufacturing, and process manufacturing. In cutting-edge fields such as water flux, the pore-forming ability is between 0.1 micron and 1 micron, and can provide functional solutions such as fine filtration, bacteria and virus removal, moisture resistance, ventilation, and ventilation.

Types of high-flow filter cartridge

The conventional high-flow pleated filter materials on the market mainly include: PP (polypropylene), PES (polyethersulfone), PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and N6 nylon.

PP (polypropylene) filter membrane filter element: small pressure difference, strong dirt holding capacity, wide chemical compatibility, low cost, can be used for a variety of medium and high efficiency filtration and pre-filtration of water treatment.

Polyethersulfone (PES) filter membrane filter element: excellent high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, membrane hydrophilicity, large flux, and uniform pore size distribution; each tube is washed with high-purity water, mainly used for filtration of pharmaceuticals and biological terminals .

PTFE (PTFE) folded membrane filter element: The filter membrane has natural hydrophobic properties, can absolutely sterilize under both wet and dry conditions, has a large gas flux, and is resistant to high temperature and corrosion; it is often used for high-demand sterile air intake Filtration and high purity gas filtration.

PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) filter membrane pleated filter element: anti-oxidation, suitable for ozone-resistant disinfection. Commonly used in chemical liquid filtration.

N6 Nylon Membrane Filter Element: As a hydrophilic membrane, nylon membrane does not require pre-wetting, has high strength, and stable filtration accuracy; it is often used in the filtration of medicinal liquids and highly purified products.

Professional high flow filter cartridge manufacturer

As one of reliable high flow filter cartridge manufacturers in China, JIELV high flow cartridge combines the optimized folding method and large-scale production technology, with polypropylene and glass fiber two filter materials. filtration accuracy range from 1 to 90 microns, filtration efficiency up to 99.98%, and its unique layered structure make the product holds up well even under varying traffic retention efficiency. 


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