Pocket (Bag) Air Filters

Unlike traditional air filters, which are composed of a single layer of filter media, pocket air filters are constructed with multiple layers of high-quality filter materials. This multi-layered structure enables them to capture a wide range of airborne pollutants efficiently.

Pocket bag air filters are the most common air filters used in HVAC applications. It can be used for air purification,removal of volatile organic compounds,dust,smoke,odor toluene, methanol and other pollutants in the air.

HVAC pocket bag air filters as high efficiency filters in industrial, commercial, medical and institutional applications, mainly used in central air conditioning, environmental protection equipment, ventilation system, to improve indoor air quality and comfort.

Pocket bag air filters manufacturer from China

Jielv is one of the professional pocket air filter manufacturers in China,we provide series of bag air filters with multi bag design, large ventilation, and Ultrasonic high-temperature fusion has better air tightness. Our pocket bag air filter is the ideal choice for customers looking for higher performance filter bags and lower energy costs.


  Model   Dimensions   Number of pockets  

Air flow/ Initial pressure drop

(m3/h/ Pa)

W(mm) H(mm) D(mm)
JL-CB 592 592 600


3400/40 4200/60
287 592 600


1700/40 2100/60

JL-B 6

592 592 600 6 3400/40 4200/60

JL-B 3

287 592 600 3 1700/40 2100/60

Remark:  We only list a few sizes as examples, any other specifications can be customized.


Types of industrial bag air filters

Activated carbon porket (Bag) air filter: made by loading negative activated carbon on polyurethane substrate. its carbon content is above 60%, and it has good adsorption per formance.

Primary/Medium  efficiency air bag (pock) filter : use a melt blown ultrathin non-woven fiber filter element and a V bank design structure. They commonly function as the primary air filter in centralized air conditioners and ventilation systems, or as pre-filter for air purifiers.

pocket air filter

Multi pockets design, enhanced filtration efficiency

With their intricate design and multiple layers, they can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, including dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, and even some viruses. 

The multi-layered design allows for a larger surface area, which not only enhances the filtration efficiency but also extends the lifespan of the filter.


Features of HVAC pocket bag air filter

● Various filter media options.

● Multi pockets design ,high ventilation capacity ,large dust holding capacity.

● Filter material: polyester fiber cotton , non-woven fabric filter.

● Customized with washable material, multiple use after washing.

● Customized with removable structure, outer frame and mesh can be multiple used.


Applications of pocket bag air filter

Purification of fresh air and exhaust gas for commercial & industrial ventilation and air conditioning system.

1.  Pre- filters for clean room MAU system and fresh air unit.

2.  Primary filtration of central air conditioning system.

3.  Air inlet pre filters for fresh air purification equipment.

4.  Exhaust emission first-level or second-level filtering.


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