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Air Filtration

Commercial &Public Buildings

Commercial &Public Buildings:

Inside any commercial or public buildings, such as Halls and malls, Airports, Hospitals & Clinics, Museums & Cultural institutions, Offices, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, and universities, Warehouses and Distribution Centers. etc. Indoor Air Quality is an important concern for us. Poor air quality is one of the greatest environmental risks to public health. It is more important now than ever to have clean air for circulating households, reopening offices and commercial spaces in response to COVID-10.

High-efficiency air filters help protect against airborne contaminants as well as pathogens, such as bacteria and viruses.

Air filtration systems in commercial facilities handle approximately 50 percent of the building’s energy consumption for heating, cooling, and air movement. Proper filter selection and maintenance are critical to keeping your HVAC system running effectively and efficiently. Multiple aspects of the filter and its installation system must be considered: including system airspeed, fan efficiency, filter resistance, service life, efficiency, and cost.


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Life Science

Life Science:

When we talk about “Life Science”, it mostly pointed to Biologics, Sterile manufacturing, medical devices, Laboratories & Biosafety, etc. in pharmaceutical production and OSD Manufacturing.

Air purity requirements in the pharmaceutical industry are very stringent to minimize the threat of air pollution to the quality of prescription and over-the counter medicines. Especially for sterile preparations, such as injections and infusions. Any level of contamination is unacceptable because of the risk of serious injury or even life-threatening to the patient.

Without air filters, we wouldn’t be able to safely manufacture medical devices, vaccines, and other life-critical medicines. The performance of the air filter directly determines the effectiveness of preventing harmful contaminants from entering the air stream in the process environment. Air pollution directly affects the quality of medicines and medical equipment.


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Electronics & Optics

Electronics & Optics:

Jielv offers solutions for different types of contaminants in different process steps. Meets the most stringent requirements of different process environments. Jielv HVAC air filters are widely used in Data center, Flat panel display, Hard disk drive, semiconductor industry.


Data center:

Data centers have unique filtering requirements and strict regulations. Particulate and corrosive gaseous contaminants have become a serious problem in data centers and server rooms. Corrosion of electronic components can lead to catastrophic failure of equipment if the concentration of corrosive gases in the environment increases.

Flat panel display:
With the increasing demand for higher resolution displays, pollution control in air, gas and liquid processes is more important than ever. This is because smaller and smaller pollutants must be controlled at a finer level.


Hard disk drive:

All Hard drive factories with advanced clean room environment to minimize contamination on disk surfaces. Because particulate or dust contaminants and chemical contaminants are attracted to the disk surface and recording head, surface dust can scratch the recording head and the surface of the disk. Potentially resulting in a decrease in product quality and in the worst case, data loss.



In semiconductor industry, good pollution control technology can improve device performance and protect sensitive electronic and optical equipment from harmful particles, while saving energy and costs.


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Food &Beverage

Food &Beverage:

Beverage production:


In aseptic processing and packaging, sterile products are filled into sterile containers and then sealed with sterile seals in a microorganism-free environment, such as bottled water, fresh juice, beverages, dairy processing, etc.


Food processing:


When public health is threatened, the National Food Hygiene and safety agency can ask the authorities to implement health policy measures. Such as the withdrawal and destruction of raw materials or products, or even the temporary closure of related production plants.

Jielv air filtration solution prevents the risk of microbial contamination throughout the aseptic process, maintaining consistent taste and quality in the finished product through an air filtration system. Protect consumers, product and brand reputations and meet global food and beverage safety standards.


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Battery cell plants:


In the production process of lithium-ion batteries, different particles, gases and toxins, gases and toxins are produced. If these pollutants are not effectively captured and removed, they will bring great harm to the health of personnel in the factory.

Jielv clean air solutions can help capture and remove potentially harmful pollutants from the air, ensuring a safe and clean work environment. Jielv air filters will protect your process by reducing contaminants and increasing yields. At the same time, superior HVAC Filters provide clean air while optimizing energy.


Vehicle manufacturing:


In the automobile production industry, production processes such as cutting, grinding, welding, and painting generate pollutants, such as dust and toxic gases, which are extremely harmful to operators and the environment. Jielv Filter’s professional air filtration solution is suitable for the collection of dust, smoke, oil fume, etc. in the automobile manufacturing industry. Reduce downtime due to cleaning and maintenance, extend machine life and improve product quality.


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Material Processing

Material Processing:

Pulp & Paper:


Gaseous pollutants from pulp and waste paper bleaching, lignin removal and wastewater treatment include: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, mercaptans, chlorine, chlorine oxide, ozone. These gaseous pollutants can cause damage to surrounding electronic and electrical equipment, especially in places where critical equipment and precision instruments are installed. For example, the safe operation of electronic equipment, control rooms, process control systems and compressors create risks. Corrosion of copper and silver-plated components can reduce process efficiency, increase maintenance costs and expensive repairs, and even cause downtime losses.

For the special requirements of the pulp and paper industry, Jielv develop customized chemical filtration solutions for you to ensure effective and permanent removal of corrosive polluting gases.




Metalworking industries include aerospace, polishing, grinding, laser cutting, plasma cutting, machining, painting, shot peening, silos, welding, thermal spraying, etc.

Contamination from metalworking incudes heavy dust, explosive dust, and molecular contaminants that cause odor, corrosion, and toxic threats to operators and the environment. If fumes from metalworking processes such as welding are not properly managed, electronic controls can fail, halting operations and requiring emergency repairs. This results in production downtime and lost productivity.

All of these require unique air filtration solutions that provide high levels of long-term performance under potentially harsh operating conditions.

Jielv focuses on industrial dust and fume filtration, preventing pollutants from entering the work space and outside air, thereby creating a safer and cleaner environment.


Waste water treatment:


Growing global population and global warming are placing extreme demands on clean water supplies. Waste water treatment plants are critical infrastructure assets in the world. Severe odor issues are a common problem in most wastewater treatment plants, and they can have a huge impact on the health of plant personnel and the safety of treatment system equipment.

A complex gas mixture generates odor, like hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans, foul air also contains other organic sulfur, ammonia (NH3), and organic nitrogen gases.

The outer shell helps suppress odors, but the enclosure can lead to the accumulation of methane. Methane is an odorless but explosive gas. Therefore, enclosed spaces must be ventilated to keep methane concentrations at safe levels.

The release of acid gases is also a problem in wastewater treatment facilities. If these gases are left uncontrolled in the supply air of the control room, they will damage the electrical gears used to regulate complex process equipment such as pumps and pressure piping.

Jielv offer filtration solution to gas-related problems in wastewater treatment plants. Eliminate safety hazards that endanger human health and reduce equipment damage, maintenance and downtime.


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Poultry Farming:

Air in agriculture and agricultural facilities may contain Mold, spores, pollen, milling dust, bacteria and by-products, fumigants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Virus. Etc. Keeping the air in a facility clean help prevent contamination of produce, outbreaks of infectious disease among animals, unpleasant odors, and a host of other issues, ultimately avoiding lost of profits.

Air filtration on farms effectively prevents cross-contamination during manufacturing and storage, ensures consistent and high-quality products, and protects personnel and process equipment. Cross-contamination can cause production downtime and product loss. Both of which can impact yield and profitability. It can also lead to spoilage of the final product, bacterial outbreaks, recalls, and potential lawsuits.

Air filtration is key to ensuring process integrity and product safety, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for both humans and animals.


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