Air Filtration

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Air Filtration

Commercial & Public Buildings

Commercial & Public Buildings:

Air filtration systems in commercial facilities handle approximately 50 percent of the building’s energy consumption for heating, cooling, and air movement. Proper filter selection and maintenance are critical to keeping your HVAC system running effectively and efficiently. Multiple aspects of the filter and its installation system must be considered: including system airspeed, fan efficiency, filter resistance, service life, efficiency, and cost.


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Life Science

Life Science:

Without air filters, we wouldn’t be able to safely manufacture medical devices, vaccines, and other life-critical medicines. The performance of the air filter directly determines the effectiveness of preventing harmful contaminants from entering the air stream in the process environment. Air pollution directly affects the quality of medicines and medical equipment.


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Electronics & Optics

Electronics & Optics:

Jielv offers solutions for different types of contaminants in different process steps. Meets the most stringent requirements of different process environments. Jielv HVAC air filters are widely used in Data center, Flat panel display, Hard disk drive, semiconductor industry.


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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage:

Food hygiene and safety is the top priority. A high-quality aseptic production environment can ensure the taste and quality of the product. At this time, an air filtration system is required.


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In the process of battery and automobile manufacturing, a large number of pollutants such as dust and toxic gases will be produced. Air filtration can effectively improve air quality and improve work efficiency.


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Material Processing

Material Processing:

In the field of material processing, Jielvfilter provides one-stop air filtration solutions for the pulp and paper industry, metal processing industry, and wastewater treatment industry.


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Air in agriculture and agricultural facilities may contain Mold, spores, pollen, milling dust, bacteria and by-products, fumigants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Virus. Etc. Keeping the air in a facility clean help prevent contamination of produce, outbreaks of infectious disease among animals, unpleasant odors, and a host of other issues, ultimately avoiding lost of profits.


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