Pre-Filtration & Medium Efficiency Air Filters

Pre-filtration and medium efficiency air filters are essential components in air filtration systems, particularly in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. In a typical HVAC system, air passes through the pre-filter first, which captures large particles, and then through the medium efficiency filter, which traps smaller particles. This staged approach optimizes both the air quality and the lifespan of the filtration system. Regular maintenance and filter changes are crucial to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the system.


Benefits: They extend the life of more expensive downstream filters by preventing them from clogging with large particles. This helps in maintaining airflow and reducing energy costs associated with running the fan or blower.
Maintenance: Pre-filters are generally easier to clean or replace due to their simpler design and larger pore size.
Medium Efficiency Filters:
Types: They can be made from various materials including pleated fabric, synthetic fibers, or fiberglass. Some medium efficiency filters may also have an electrostatic charge to enhance particle capture.
Benefits: They provide a balance between filtration efficiency and airflow. They are more efficient than pre-filters but less restrictive than high-efficiency filters like HEPA filters.
Applications: Medium efficiency filters are commonly used in residential, commercial, and some industrial settings where a high level of air cleanliness is required but without the need for HEPA-level filtration.


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