HEPA & ULPA Air Filters

HEPA & ULPA air filter includes mini pleat type, Deep pleat HEPA Filter, HV Mini pleat, Gel seal HEPA Filter and ULPA Filter, High-temp HEPA Filter, V-bank, and combined High flow HEPA filter.

Jielv's HEPA & ULPA air filter series with high efficiency, Low resistance, Low energy consumption, Large filtration surface, Lightweight design, Thin and Slim (minimum thickness 20mm), Moisture-resistant, corrosion-free, Fully combustible, 100% leak-tight, Extra-Long life span.


High efficiency air filter is mainly used to capture above 0.3um particles of dust and various suspended solids and install at the end of various filtration systems. 

At present, the material of HEPA air filter is mostly H13/H14 glass fiber filter paper; The frame material has galvanized steel plate, aluminum frame or stainless steel frame.

Application of HEPA & ULPA Air Filters

High efficiency air filter is widely used in the air conditioning end exhaust of clean room in electronic, optical and electronic devices, biotechnology, instrumentation, beverage and food manufacturing industries, etc.

Features of HEPA & ULPA Air Filters

1. Patented manufacturing technology ensures the most effective use of V-shaped channel.
2. Aluminum frame surface anodized treatment, both side metal mesh to protect.
3. Unique seamless sealing technology, long time durable sealing effect, reducing leak risk, uniform air flow.
4. Anti-aging technology, not easy to deformation, small resistance, long service life.

Parameters of HEPA & ULPA Air Filters

  • Efficiency: DOP 99.9997%@0.12um, 99.99997%@0.12um, 99%@0.3um, 99.99%@0.3um, 99.999%@0.3um
  • Standard: EN1822, ClassU15/U16 H11/H13/H14
  • Frame: Aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel
  • Filter material: ultrafine glass fiber
  • Protective mesh: aluminum mesh, painted metal mesh
  • Gasket materials: CR,EVA,EPDM/Gel seal

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