Food & Beverage

Food hygiene and safety is the top priority. A high-quality aseptic production environment can ensure the taste and quality of the product. At this time, an air filtration system is required.


Beverage production:


In aseptic processing and packaging, sterile products are filled into sterile containers and then sealed with sterile seals in a microorganism-free environment, such as bottled water, fresh juice, beverages, dairy processing, etc.


Food processing:


When public health is threatened, the National Food Hygiene and safety agency can ask the authorities to implement health policy measures. Such as the withdrawal and destruction of raw materials or products, or even the temporary closure of related production plants.

Jielv air filtration solution prevents the risk of microbial contamination throughout the aseptic process, maintaining consistent taste and quality in the finished product through an air filtration system. Protect consumers, product and brand reputations and meet global food and beverage safety standards.



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