The application of water filtration system in the microelectronics industry can be seen everywhere, such as Factory system、Manufacturing process、Power system、Electronic chemicals、Data Storage and more. Microelectronics with different characteristics have different requirements for filtration products. Jielv Water Filtration System escorts the filtration of the microelectronics industry.


Factory system

The factory system needs to provide ultrapure water, clean chemicals and clean process gases for the entire FAB.  It requires stability and consistent filtering effect of the filter elements used in each section. Clean filter large flow filter cartridge, security filter cartridge, high-precision pleated filter cartridge and PTFE filter cartridge series, provide stable filtration service for factory system.

Manufacturing process

The performance of the filtration product directly affects the quality and pass rate of the finished product, and the problem of the filtration product will cause a large number of scrap and loss. JIELV filter provides customers with stale and reliable products according to the requirements of each stage of the process, analyzes and solves problems in various manufacturing processes, optimizes products, and reduces costs.

Power system

The power system needs to work uninterruptedly for a long time, providing clean chemicals, ultrapure water and clean process gas for flat panel display manufacturing, and providing a reliable guarantee for the smooth operation of the power system.

Electronic chemicals

Clean electronic chemicals play a key role in the production process of semiconductors. Various electronic chemicals with different characteristics have different requirements for filter products. Jielv filter cartridges use advanced equipment and technology to strictly control the cleanliness of filter products, and produce low-precipitation and low-metal ion products.

Data Storage

In order to manufacture portable, large-capacity data storage products, storage hard disks, flash memory, U Disks, SD cards and other new storage media. The equipment and process depend on the pollution control and filtration purification technology of each process. JIELV Filter develops and produces various advanced filter products and related technologies to meet the individualized process and needs from customers.



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