In the process of battery and automobile manufacturing, a large number of pollutants such as dust and toxic gases will be produced. Air filtration can effectively improve air quality and improve work efficiency.


Battery cell plants:


In the production process of lithium-ion batteries, different particles, gases and toxins are produced. If these pollutants are not effectively captured and removed, they will bring great harm to the health of personnel in the factory.

Jielv clean air solutions can help capture and remove potentially harmful pollutants from the air, ensuring a safe and clean work environment. Jielv air filters will protect your process by reducing contaminants and increasing yields. At the same time, superior HVAC Filters provide clean air while optimizing energy.


Vehicle manufacturing:


In the automobile production industry, production processes such as cutting, grinding, welding, and painting generate pollutants, such as dust and toxic gases, which are extremely harmful to operators and the environment. Jielv Filter’s professional air filtration solution is suitable for the collection of dust, smoke, oil fume, etc. in the automobile manufacturing industry. Reduce downtime due to cleaning and maintenance, extend machine life and improve product quality.



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