High Temperature Air Filter

High-temp air filter adopts ultra fine glass fiber filter media and corrugated aluminum foil separator working in 250 and 350 degrees Celsius high temperature special environment .

Jielv's high temperature air filter has the characteristics of high velocities and low pressure drop, waterproof and high temperature resistant glass fiber with pleated design to maximize filter area, hemmed aluminum separators preventing media damage.

Features of high temperature air filter

●   High efficiency

●   Low resistance

●   High dust holding capacity

●   High temp resistance, can work under temperature 250-450℃

Application of high temperature air filter

Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, end filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Clean room fresh air conditioning system, end filter of clean room.

2.  End filter of ventilation with high fire proof / high temp resistance working condition .

3.  Wide application in electronics, optics, semiconductors, coating, chemical, cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals and automobile industries.

Jielv is one of professional high temperature filter suppliers in China, our high temperature air filters are used in a board range of industry, from the production of pharmaceutics, photos and films, to food processing.


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