High-Temp Deep-Pleat HEPA Air Filter High-Temp Deep-Pleat HEPA Air Filter

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Product description

High-Temp Deep-Pleat HEPA Air Filter, 250-450℃ high temperature resistance, designed to remove airborne contaminants in critical areas, in which high efficiency on fine particulate matter is required and where hot air is used during the production process. These filters are used in a board range of industries, from the production of pharmaceutics, photos and films, to food processing. Components used for the assembly of this filter, were either specially selected for their heat resistance or because they are not severely affected by increased temperature.



●   High efficiency

●   Low resistance

●   High dust holding capacity

●   High temp resistance, can work under temperature 250-450℃



Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, end filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Clean room fresh air conditioning system, end filter of clean room.

2.  End filter of ventilation with high fire proof / high temp resistance working condition .

3.  Wide application in electronics, optics, semiconductors, coating, chemical, cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals and automobile industries





Filtration Class: H10、H11、 H12、H13、H14 (EN1822)


Arrestance Efficiency: 99%、99.9%、 99.99%、99.999% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

High temperature resistance: ≤250℃, ≤350℃, ≤450℃

Filter material: ultra-thin glass fiber, high temp resistance fiberglass filter paper.

Sealant glue: high temperature resistance glue.

Separators: corrugated aluminum foil.

Sealant strip: high temperature resistance silicone.

Outer frame: aluminum alloy frame, galvanized steel frame, stainless steel frame.

Technical parameters


   Model    Dimensions

Rated air flow


Initial press drop (Pa)

Filtration efficiency


W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) 0.25m/s 0.5m/s 0.75m/s
JL-HHT 320 320 220 400 ≤120 ≤220 ≤240





484 484 220 1000
610 610 150 1000
630 630 220 1500
610 610 292 2000

Remark: Other specifications can be customized









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