Gel Seal HEPA Air Filter & ULPA Air Filter Gel Seal HEPA Air Filter & ULPA  Air Filter

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Product description

Gel Seal HEPA Air Filter ULPA Air Filter, constructed with a built-in channel in the filter frame contains a non-flowing, non-hardening urethane gel sealant. Designed for framing systems and housing equipped with a “knife edge” seal. The TOP Side Gel Seal HEPA Filter adopts the liquid-sealed technology and is a kind of method better than the commonly used seal mechanical pressing device. The Gel Seal is easy to be installed. The seal is very reliable, so its terminal filtration effect is better than ordinary products.

Filter class from ePM10 to ePM1.0,  Quality comply with EN779, ISO 16890, and ASHRAE 52.2 standards.



●  Separator: hot melt adhesive.

●  Sealant glue : AB component glue.

●  Liquid tray glue: long lasting glue.

●  Outer frame: aluminum alloy frame.

●  Protective mesh: Diamond metal paint sprayed.

●  Feature: small size, large filter area, easy t install, long life span.

●  Filter material: ultra-thin glass fiber filter paper, artificial fiber filter paper.



Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, intermediate or end of the filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Clean room fresh air conditioning system, end filter of clean room.

2.  Wide application in pharmacy, hospitals, food, biological products, health products as well as end filter in clean room.



Filtration Class: H13、H14、U15、U16、 U17 (EN1822)

Filter object: particles≥0.5μm、≥0.3μm、≥0.1μm

Arrestance Efficiency: 99%、99.9%、 99.99%、99.999%、99.9999%、99.99999 (ASHRAE52.1-1992)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

High temperature resistance: ≤80℃

Instantaneous temperature: ≤100℃

Technical parameters


 Model   Dimensions

Rated air flow


Initial press drop (Pa)

Filtration efficiency


W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) 0.25m/s 0.5m/s 0.75m/s
JL-CF 450 450 90/93 500 ≤120 ≤220 ≤240





610 610 90/93 1000
915 610 90/93 1500
1220 610 90/93 2000

Remarks: other specification to be customized, In most occasion, the side liquid tray can be 90mm, while top liquid trap thickness can be 93mm.









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