PP Pleated High Capacity Filter Cartridge- JHC Series PP Pleated High Capacity Filter Cartridge- JHC Series

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JHC Series PP pleated filter cartridge is constructed of High-performance filter media. With all PP material, the filter has high-performance depth filtration filter media and excellent chemical compatibility for most liquids.  A scientifically layered filtration designed structure makes the filter has features of depth filtration, high dirt holding capacity, and longer service life. 


Graded Pore Size
 The filter media with graded pore size can remove particles more gradely and smoothly.

High Dirt Holding Capacity
High efficient filter media combined with the features of scientific structure design, makes the filter has a high dirt holding capacity, better filtration efficiency, and longer service life. 

Excellent chemical compatibility
 100% PP material makes the filter cartridge got excellent chemical compatibility, which is suitable for various liquid filtration.


•  Industrial water treatment;

•  RO pre-filtration;

•  Drinking water pre-filtration;

•  Cosmetics;

•  Paints & coatings;

•  Chemicals;



OD: 68mm; 69mm
Length: 5",10",20",30",40",50"
Media: pp
Support: pp pp
Cage/Core/End cap: pp
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton, Telfon, etc.
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 4bar @ 21°C ;   2.4bar @ 80°C

Ordering Code

   Removal Rating    End Cap Type    Length    Seal Material    Core

0.1 = 0.1μm

0.22 = 0.22μm

0.45 = 0.45μm

 1 = 1μm

3 = 3μm

5 = 5μm

 10 = 10μm

20 = 20μm

50 = 50μm



 B = 226/fin

C = 226/Flat

  D = 226/Fin/SS 

  E = 226/Flat/SS 

   F = 222/Flat/SS 

 G = 222/Fin/SS

 H = 222/Flat

I = 222/Fin

 J = 213/Flat


5 = 5”

 10 = 10”

 20 = 20”

 30 = 30”

 40 = 40”

 50 = 50”


  S = Silicone 


 B = NBR

  V = Viton®

  T = Teflon®



  P = PP core 

   S = SS core 





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