Clean Room Equipment

A clean room is an environment that has been designed to minimize the introduction of contaminants into the room. The level of cleanliness in a clean room is specified by the number of particles per cubic meter of air. The air in a clean room is filtered to remove contaminants, and the room is kept at a controlled temperature and humidity. The required level of cleanliness is determined by the intended use of the room.

The most important piece of equipment in a clean room is the air filter. The filter removes contaminants from the air, keeping the room clean. Other equipment in a clean room includes Air shower, FFU, laminar flow hoods, pass-throughts, etc.

Fan filter unit, also known as FFU, are responsible for circulating filtered air throughout the clean room. Fan filter units are typically installed in the ceiling and consist of a fan, filter, and housing. The fan pulls in air from the room and forces it through the filter. The fan filter removes contaminants from the air, and the clean air is then blown back into the room. 

Air showers, pass-throughts are used to remove dust and other particles from clothing and equipment before entering the clean room.

Laminar flow hoods, providing a stream of filtered air that helps to keep contaminants away from work surfaces. They are often used in areas where sensitive equipment is being used or assembled.

These various types of clean room equipment work together to create an environment in which the level of contamination is very low. This is important for many applications, such as electronics, optics manufacturing, life science, food and beverage, material processing, where even a small amount of contamination can cause defects.


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