Fan Filter Unit (FFU)--1175*575mm Fan Filter Unit (FFU)--1175*575mm

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Product description

Fan filter units (FFU)--1175*575mm are stand-alone units with integrated HEPA-filter, fan and control system. It is used to supply purified air to clean rooms, laboratories, medical facilities or micro-environments by removing harmful airborne particles from air.



●   Low noise <60db 

●   3 channel phase wind speed adjustable 

●   AC/DC motor selectable

●   LED Lighting operation indicator

●   Computerized remote control of voltage, frequency and speed

●   Air velocity output 0.45 m/s ± 20%

●   Light weight module structure design, used in various ceiling keel system installation

●   High performance motor, low energy consumption, savinge operation cost

●  Options: Remote control, pre-filter, differential gauge, control system. 



Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, intermediate or end of the filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Itermediate or end filter of air conditioning systems of dust-free room fresh air conditioning system

2.  Large air flow requirement or limited space of installing ventilation system

3.  Widely applied in electronics, optics, semiconductors coating. chemical cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals, clean room, mushroom and automobile industries.




Control method: Group control or single control; 

Air velocity (m/s):0.35-0.55; 

Motor: AC /EC; ( 3 years warranty)

Outer frame: Cold rolled steel with powder coated, Galvanized/ Aluminum/ Stainless Steel.


Technical parameters


Model FFU-6090 FFU-5757 FFU-57117 FFU-117117
Dimension (mm) 905*610*320 575*575*320 1175*575*320 1175*1175*320
Frame material Cold-rolled sheet, Galvanized steel, Aluminum, SUS304/316 sanding or stainless steel
Main filtration Dimension (mm) 900*605*69 570*570*69 1170*570*69 1170*1170*69
Filter material Ultra-fine fibre glass Ultra-fine fibre glass Ultra-fine fibre glass Ultra-fine fibre glass
Airflow rate 800 m³/h 550 m³/h 1000 m³/h 2000 m³/h
Airflow velocity 0.35-0.5 m/s 0.35-0.5 m/s 0.35-0.5 m/s 0.35-0.5 m/s
Filter efficiency 99.99%@0.3um 99.99%@0.3um 99.99%@0.3um 99.99%@0.3um
Initial pressure drop 125pa 125pa 125pa 125pa
Pre-filtration Dimension (mm) 390*390*21 390*390*21 490*390*21 490*390*21
Filtration class G3 G3 G3 G3
Initial pressure drop 40Pa 40Pa 40Pa 40Pa
Power 220/110V  60/50HZ 220/110V  60/50HZ 220/110V  60/50HZ 220/110V  60/50HZ
Outer static pressure 50-100Pa
Output power 140/150W
Adjustment Control Stepless adjustment switch, with power fusible link protection.
Noise value < 60 db < 60 decibel
Remarks 575*875*350mm, 575*1175*350mm, 615*1225*350mm, 875*1175*375mm customizing required size
Options Main filter with ULPA filter
Outer cabinet material can be customized subject to actual working condition
EC Control system and software
Air inlet piping system
Pre-filter filtration grade

DOP inject port / DOP sample port / differential pressure drop test port / differential pressure drop alarm device









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