Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing has brought new productivity. In the process of industrial production, efficient water filtration systems are required to ensure that various complex and tedious processes can be carried out smoothly.


Thermal power plant

As an important working medium of power plants, water circulates in the entire thermal systems, and the quality of water plays a crucial role in the normal operation of the entire system.

Commonly used in following filter process:  RO filtration, Condensate fine filter, Resin removal filter, back washable/Resin pre-coated filter.

RO filtration: The original RO security filters are all string wound or PP melt blown filter cartridge, and large flow filter cartridge are gradually introduced. In addition, high flow filter cartridge is also used in the following applications: pre-filtration of condensate in power plants; resin traps for condensate polishing; Hot water recovery in machine room system, using temperature-resistant glass fiber filter media.)

Involved filter media: PP pleated filter cartridge (large area and small pressure difference); GF glass fiber pleated filter cartridge (used for hot water filtration); PP melt blown filter cartridge (deep filtration, large dirt holding capacity and economical choice). Design flow: 30T/H,60-inch filter cartridge.

100% PP pleated filter cartridge, string wound filter cartridge are specially designed for condensate water filtration in power plants. PP filter cartridge with 304 stainless steel porous support tube, which with enough strength to fully withstand the instantaneous high pressure impact during the process of resin burst film and backwashing. And the filter element does not deformation, polypropylene fiber material does not fall off, so that the condensate treatment system can operate safely.

Auto Industry

Filtration applications in the automotive industry:

1. Filtration of hydraulic oil, engine lubricating oil, and vehicle brake oil.

2. Filtration of various fuels. 

3. Oil filling filter for continuously variable transmission, automatic transmission, etc. 

4. Treatment of oily wastewater. 

5. Cleaning fluid filtration for stamping process, cleaning fluid filtration for CVT, automatic transmission, etc. 

6. Machining coolant, filtering of cleaning fluid.   

7. Filtration of various fluids in painting/ painting process.

Filtration of paints/coatings

Paint is a chemical mixture coating that can firmly cover the surface of objects for protection, decoration, marking and other special purposes. It’s also known as paint film or coating.

Coatings are generally composed of film-forming substances, fillers (pigments and fillers)

solvents, and additives. Depending on the performance requirements, the ingredients may vary slightly, such as varnishes without pigments and powder coatings without solvents.

Main filter process in paint/coatings manufacturers.

The solvent used when entering the batching tank, the filtration of resin raw materials.

Filtration from storage tank to filling tank.

Filtration of filling tank transfer dispensing into small containers.

Paint/coating users: automotive coating, ships, special anti-corrosion containers, etc. all kinds of enterprises that need spraying/coating filtration before use, which to achieve excellent spray quality, minimize rejection rate related to particle size, save reprocessing costs that produce defective products, etc.

The paint has a fineness control standard when it leaves the factory, so the particle size of the paint components should be fully considered when recommending, and the filtration accuracy should not lower than the particle size.



Chemical Industry

The chemical industry includes basic chemical industry and plastics, synthetic fibers, petroleum, rubber, pharmaceuticals, dye industries, etc. It is a department that uses chemical reactions to change the structure, composition and form of substances to produce chemical products. Such as: inorganic acids, alkalis, salts, rare elements, synthetic fibers, plastics, synthetic rubber, dyes, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.

The chemical industry is a basic industry with many varieties. There are many types of chemical equipment, and the operating conditions of the equipment are also relatively complex. Most of the treated media are corrosive, or flammable, explosive, toxic and highly toxic, etc. There are both temperature and pressure requirements and corrosion resistance requirements, and these requirements sometimes restrict each other, and sometimes certain conditions change. Filter bags and filter cartridges are inseparable in the production process of various chemical companies.   

Ink Filtration

Food, medicine, daily chemicals, electronic components, etc. all need to provide labels that meet required standards. Inkjet/inkjet printer/ceramic inkjet printing has strict requirements on ink cleanliness. Jielv filter is the key support for protecting the nozzle and stably spraying.

Pulp and Paper

Main filter applications:

1. Mechanical seal/water filtration;

2. Trim nozzles (water jet)/ water filter, water source: condensate water or high-quality hot water;

3. Moisture profiling / water filtration;

4. Other applications process water and boiler water.

Lubricants and Kerosene

1. Lubricating oil and kerosene filtration in the bearing production process. Such as: professional production of motorcycle bearings, automotive &motor bearings, and other precision bearing manufacturers. The use of 5-25microns filtration according to the degree of contamination ensures that the bearing cleanliness inspection meets the quality requirements.

2. Kerosene filtration used in bearing cleaning line, recommend PP melt blown, 5-10 microns, ensure the cleaning effect of bearings.  

3. The kerosene after cleaning the bearing is centrally filtered. PP Melt blown filter cartridge in around 20microns, to ensure the filtered kerosene can achieve good cleanliness when entering a new cleaning cycle.


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