Stainless Steel 304 316L Bag Filter Housing Stainless Steel 304 316L Bag Filter Housing

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JBFH Series Bag/Basket filter housing. 

As a reliable bag filter housing factory in China, we offer full size and stainless steel bag filter housings for industrial use. The filtrate flows into the filter bag from the inlet of the filter, and the impurity particles are intercepted by the filter bag. The required clean and qualified filtrate passes through the filter bag and flows out from the outlet.  Jielv Bag filter housing with the following major configurations.


*Single bag filter housing, quick opening top cover, suitable for most applications, flexible inlet, and outlet location and layout.

*Single bag filter, flanged top cover with bolted connection, suitable for higher pressure applications.

*Single bag filter, quick and easy installation, with inlet and outlet ports on the same plane.

* Multi-bag filter, quick opening top cover, suitable for high flow rate applications, easy to install and remove filter baskets, flexible inlet and outlet locations.

* Multi-bag filter, flanged top cover with bolted connection, suitable for higher-pressure applications.


Large processing capacity, small volume and large dirt holding capacity.

* Convenient and quick to replace the filter bag, the filter is free of cleaning,saving labor and time.

* Can carry larger working pressure, small pressure loss, low operating cost and obvious energy saving effect.

* Suitable for various solid and liquid filtration.


  Food and Beverage;

•  Water Treatment; 

•  Oil and Chemical; 

•  Paint and Ink;

•  Coating;

•  Petrochemicals Filtration;

•  Electronic Industry; 

•  Power and Utilities; 


Liquid bag filter housing          

Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5

Bag Size (mm)                


    180*810         105*230         105*380          150*560     
 Single Bag Flow Rate (M3/H)      20 40 6 12 20
 Single Bag Filtration Area M2  0.25 0.5 0.09 0.16 0.25
 Single Bag Filtration Volume  8L 17L 1.3L 2.5L 8L
 Bag quantity  1-8pcs bags
 Way of Inlet  Topinlet, Sideinlet
 Housing Material SS304,SS316L, PP, PVC
 Inlet/Outlet Connection Quick valve, Flange, Thread
 Inlet/Outlet Diameter 1", 1,5", 2", customized size.
 Filtration Bag Media PE, PP,NMO,PTFE
 Surface Treatment Mirror polishing / Sandblast finishing
 Sealant material Silicone, Viton,EPDM,



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