Aseptic HEPA Air Filter,Viruses And Bacteria Catching And Killing --Jielv APC Series  Aseptic HEPA  Air Filter,Viruses And Bacteria Catching And Killing --Jielv APC Series

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Product description

Mini-pleat Aseptic HEPA Air Filter is designed for killing viruses and bacteria which hazard people's health, especially under a global epidemic-spread situation.

This type of filter can kill airborne viruses, fungi, and bacterial disease pathogens through metal cations and herbal extractive enzymes. Metal cations and herbal extractive enzymes complement each other in bactericidal functions, and at the same time penetrate the cell shell of microorganisms, making the substances inside the pathogen cells vulnerable, so various pathogens are inactivated within a short contact time.


●  Catches and kills viruses and bacteria effectively.

●  Increases airflow volume by 60%, reduces noise by 70% in the sound press, and energy-saving by 40% to others of the same size.

●  Infinite storage life, the charge in filters is permanent when not used.

●  Light-weight, Easy to apply, and long service life.


Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, intermediate or end of the filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Clean room fresh air conditioning system, end filter of a cleanroom air inlet.

2.  Main air filtration of FFU air cleaning equipment.

3.  Widely used in electronics, optics, semiconductors painting, chemical, cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals, automobile industries, etc.

4.  End filter of commercial and household air purifiers.

5.  Any standard application and air disinfection scenarios.


Filtration Class: H13, H14 (acc.EN1822)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

Media: Compounded synthetic fiber with Nano complex disinfection material

Frame:Metal/Aluminium/ plastic wooden/PU

Separator: Hot melt adhesive

Gasket: Continuously expanded polyurethane or Moulded formed PU gasket

High-temperature resistance: ≤70℃

Instant  temperature resistance:≤100℃

Sealant: Polyurethane

MPPS Efficiency: ≥99.95% at MPPS

Technical parameters


     Model    Dimensions

Rated Airflow 


Initial pressure drop
 W(mm)   H(mm)  D(mm) (Pa)
  APC       305 305  30/69/80/96  150 40
305 610 30/69/80/96 300 40
305 762 30/69/80/96 375 40
305 915 30/69/80/96 450 40
457 457 30/69/80/96 350 40
457 610 30/69/80/96 450 40
610 610 30/69/80/96 600 40
610 762 30/69/80/96 750 40
610 915 30/69/80/96 900 40
610 1220 30/69/80/96 1200 40

Remark: Other specifications can be customized




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