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Jielv offers solutions for different types of contaminants in different process steps. Meets the most stringent requirements of different process environments. Jielv HVAC air filters are widely used in Data center, Flat panel display, Hard disk drive, semiconductor industry.


Data center:

Data centers have unique filtering requirements and strict regulations. Particulate and corrosive gaseous contaminants have become a serious problem in data centers and server rooms. Corrosion of electronic components can lead to catastrophic failure of equipment if the concentration of corrosive gases in the environment increases.

Flat panel display:
With the increasing demand for higher resolution displays, pollution control in air, gas and liquid processes is more important than ever. This is because smaller and smaller pollutants must be controlled at a finer level.


Hard disk drive:

All Hard drive factories with advanced clean room environment to minimize contamination on disk surfaces. Because particulate or dust contaminants and chemical contaminants are attracted to the disk surface and recording head, surface dust can scratch the recording head and the surface of the disk. Potentially resulting in a decrease in product quality and in the worst case, data loss.



In semiconductor industry, good pollution control technology can improve device performance and protect sensitive electronic and optical equipment from harmful particles, while saving energy and costs.



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