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Air in agriculture and agricultural facilities may contain Mold, spores, pollen, milling dust, bacteria and by-products, fumigants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Virus. Etc. Keeping the air in a facility clean help prevent contamination of produce, outbreaks of infectious disease among animals, unpleasant odors, and a host of other issues, ultimately avoiding lost of profits.


Poultry Farming:

Air filtration on farms effectively prevents cross-contamination during manufacturing and storage, ensures consistent and high-quality products, and protects personnel and process equipment. Cross-contamination can cause production downtime and product loss. Both of which can impact yield and profitability. It can also lead to spoilage of the final product, bacterial outbreaks, recalls, and potential lawsuits.

Air filtration is key to ensuring process integrity and product safety, ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for both humans and animals.



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