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Help business from a range of industries, improve operational efficiency, save energy and costs,return safe water to the environment. Filter cartridges have been playing an important role in global industrial development.

JIELV filter manufactures standard and custom engineered filtration products for water treatment (including industrial water, RO pre-filtration, drinking water treatment), medicine, biological products, microelectronics, food and beverage, various industrial filtration, such as thermal power plants, automotive industry, paint coatings, pulp and paper, lubricants and kerosene, oil &gas, chemical industry, iron, and steel metallurgy, mining, Ink filtration.

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Features Summary

Hunan Jielv filter is one o leading manufacturers and suppliers of liquid filtration systems in China. We offer a wide range of liquid filter products: pleated filter cartridge, high flow filter cartridge, wound string filter cartridge, PP melt blown filter cartridge, activated carbon filter cartridge, filter bag and filter housing for domestic and abroad industrial liquid industry. It is applied in agriculture, aquaculture, food and beverage processing, swimming pools, water supply and disposal, electronics, pharmacy, chemic and a variety of industrial field.

Micron & Membrane pleated filter cartridge

Micron & Membrane pleated filter cartridge:

*Excellent chemical compatibility, Nominal and absolute filtration efficiency for option, suitable for varied applications.

*Graded pore size, High dirt holding capacity, High efficiency.

*High-performance filter media type, safe and reliable, and a full range of removal ratings and lengths for choosing.

*High quality micron core series, meet full Integrity and stability tested, easy to maintain even in harsh working conditions.

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High flow filter cartridge

High flow filter cartridge:

*The number of pleats of the filter element and the matching of pleat depth are reasonably designed, there is no dead angle filtration. It with high performance in flow rate &low-pressure drop, reduces energy consumption through less pump pressure, long service life.

*Multi-layer progressive lamination, high interception efficiency, can reach 0.1micron filtration.

*Using ultrasonic hot-melt welding technology, no glue, no leakage, no secondary pollution.

*High quality reinforced and thickened skeleton material, pass thousands of anti-rupture experiments.

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Carbon filter cartridge

Carbon filter cartridge:

*Use High-quality coconut shell activated carbon powder and food-grade adhesives as raw material.

* Excellent adsorption performance of granular activated carbon, hold up particle impurities, getting rid of smells, reduce chlorine and chloramine, heavy metal in water effectively. Absorb smell and organic matter in liquid or gas.

* Excellent adsorption capacity, good strength and integrality, no pollution from filter material itself.

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Melt Blown Filter Cartridge

Melt Blown Filter Cartridge:

* Reasonably designed and produced 3-layer graded density filtration structure, 3D micro pore, the outer layer is loose and the inner layer is tight, each layer can fully exert its filtering effect, which for maximum dirty holding capacity, high removal ratings and low pressure drop.

* Filter element: pure polypropylene and Micro-denier nylon fiber for option, no chemical glues or adhesive, no release/pollution to water.

* With smooth, orange peel, hairy, fine lines and grooved surface for option, which to improve filtering effect, increase filtration area, better dirt holding capacity.

* All kinds of adaptors are available, and accept customized size in mass production.

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String Wound Filter Cartridge

String Wound Filter Cartridge:

*Different filter media: PP, absorbent cotton, glass fiber applied for different working condition

*10”~70”inch length cartridges selectable for various filter housing

*SS304/316 stainless steel support frame for high temperature, acid and alkali liquid

*From external to internal, graded filtration pore size to realize high filtering accuracy

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Liquid Filter Bag

Liquid Filter Bag:

Jielv Liquid Filter Bags are designed to withstand high dirt/solid holding capacity and are suitable for applications using bag housing or open filtration systems.  

Jielv filter produces a full line of liquid filter bags which fit almost all industry-standard bag filter housing. Advanced bag filter production line ensures high product quality and fast delivery. 

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Filter Housing

Filter Housing:

* Export-standard, CE Certified  Bag filter housing, Cartridge filter housing, High-flow filter housing, which is widely used in water treatment, Food & beverage, oil & chemical, Power and Utilities,  chemicals filtration, and Electronic industry, etc. 

* Material: SS304, SS316L (Food grade quality)

* Standard and customized Inlet/Outlet connection ways, dimension, sealing, and surface finish treatment.

* First-class product design and production engineering ensure Fast, safe, highly efficient and high productivity in wide industrial filtration-purpose process.


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