Water Treatment

Whether drinking water, commercial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment or seawater desalination, water filtration systems play a central role.


Drinking water

Water is a life resource and a substance necessary for the normal metabolism of the human body. Protecting physical health and filtering out various factors, physical, chemical and biological that affect health in drinking water are increasingly becoming a common need of our human beings.

Commercial water treatment

Centralized supply of drinking water in pubic environments, like schools, hospitals, stations, restaurants, shopping malls, road administration, etc.

Swimming pool water treatment

JIELV Filter provides safe, reliable and high-quality water for swimming poo water filtration to ensure the daily quality life of residents.


The rational development of water resources, seawater desalination is an important way. Taking water from the ocean is convenient, mature in technology, high in applicability and reasonable in cost. It can effectively alleviate the water shortage situation of human beings, cities, industry and agriculture, and has become a commonly used method in many countries and regions to solve the problem of water shortage.



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