String Wound Filter Cartridge

String wound filter cartridge is manufactured with structured open outer layers and tight inner layers to offer depth filtration. General production engineering ensures high dirt holding capacity and low media migration. It is suitable for high PSID and demanding operating working conditions. As a professional string wound filter cartridge manufacturer in China, we provide various medias of string wound filter cartridge for wide applications.

Working Principle of String Wound Filter Cartridge

String wound filter cartridges are formed by winding textile fibers on a multi-skeleton in a specific way. Controlling the winding density of the filter core during winding can make filter cores with different filtration precision. The filter pore diameter is large on the outside and small on the inside, which has excellent deep filtration effect.

Applications of String Wound Filter Cartridge

•  Food and Beverage

•  Drinking water

•  RO Security filtration 

•  Chemical

•  Microelectronics


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