Bleached PP Cotton String Wound Filter Cartridge Bleached PP Cotton String Wound Filter Cartridge

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv SW-B Series String Wound filter cartridge is manufactured with structured open outer layers and tight inner layers to offer depth filtration. General production engineering ensures high dirt holding capacity and low media migration. It is suitable for high PSID and demanding operating working conditions.






Thermal bond without using any binders and adhesives. No chemical adhesive is used, suitable for various applications.

•  Low-pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, and long service life.

• Lose outer layers and tight inner layers offer graded density filtration structure, ensuring high dirt holding capacity and effective depth filtration.


•  Food and Beverage;

•  Drinking water; 

RO Security filtration; 

•  Chemical;

•  Microelectronics;




OD: 63mm,115mm
I.D.: 28mm,30mm
Length: 9.87",10",20",30",40" 
Media: PP, Bleached cotton,Glass Fiber
Cage/ core/End cap: PP,Stainless steel
Gasket: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton,etc.
Max.Operating temperature: 120°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 2.5bar @ 21°C, 1-25um

Ordering Code

  Outside Diameter Removal Rating Length End Cap  Seal Material Core Innere Diameter
  SW-B  Blank=63mm  1=1μm 975=9.75" Blank = DOE S=Silicone p=pp 28=28mm
BB=115mm  3=3μm 987=9.87" A=226/FIN  E = EPDM S=Stainless steel  30=30mm
   5=5μm 10=10" B=226/Flat N=NBR  
  10= 10μm 20=20" C=222/FIN  V = Viton    
  20= 20μm 30=30" D=222/Flat Blank=without    
  30= 30μm 40=40"        
  50= 50μm          
  75= 75μm          
  100= 100μm          







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