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Liquid Filtration

Biotech & Medical

Biotech & Medical:

The fermentation process, enzyme catalysis process and cell tissue culture process of biopharmaceuticals require sterile and impurity-free purified air, or purified nitrogen, or purified carbon oxides and other inert gases or nutrient gases. The required compressed air needs to be sterilized and filtered. All gas sterilization filter elements have passed the 100% integrity test before leaving the factory. In the process of use, the integrity test of the filter element should also be carried out to ensure that the test value of the filter element is within the standard value range, to ensure that the filter element is in a good state and to achieve sterilization purpose.
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The application of water filtration system in the microelectronics industry can be seen everywhere, such as Factory system、Manufacturing process、Power system、Electronic chemicals、Data Storage and more. Microelectronics with different characteristics have different requirements for filtration products. Jielv Water Filtration System escorts the filtration of the microelectronics industry.
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Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage:

The filtration of food and beverages is also very important, which directly affects the health of subsequent human beings after consumption. It needs to be finely filtered through the water filtration system, which is strict to every process link.
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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing:

Industrial manufacturing has brought new productivity. In the process of industrial production, efficient water filtration systems are required to ensure that various complex and tedious processes can be carried out smoothly.
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Water Treatment

Water Treatment:

Whether drinking water, commercial water treatment, swimming pool water treatment or seawater desalination, water filtration systems play a central role.
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Laboratory :

It is suitable for sample preparation, pre-treatment of analytical instruments, filtration of biological products, tissue culture, microbial media, solutions, etc. Remove impurities and precipitates in samples, purify and clarify corrosive solutions. The quality of the JIELV filter cartridge is stable, efficient, and long- service life.  
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