Active Carbon Air Filters

Active Carbon air filters are the filters most commonly used to remove toxic gases, hazardous, fumes, and odors and are usually used to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs) related form common household products.

Activated carbon filters are small pieces of carbon, typically in granular or powdered block form, that have been treated to be extremely porous. Many air purifier filters are using activated carbon filters.

Jielv’s Active carbon air filter series with major two types. Active carbon filter media and Active carbon powder/granules/pallets. With features of high-quality coconut shell carbon powder materials, high carbon content, good adsorption, customized dimension, good strength, and low airflow velocity resistance. Widely be used to rid your air of unwanted or harmful contaminants that will hazard your health.


Working principle of activated carbon filter

Activated carbon filters use charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to make the charcoal more absorbent. Oxygen opens up millions of tiny pores in the carbon so that gases and odors are trapped and prevented from recirculating in the air.

Types of activated carbon filter

Activated Carbon Pleated Air Filter

Activated Carbon Panel Air Filter

Activated Carbon Pocket (Bag) Air Filter

Honeycomb Activated Carbon Air Filter


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