SS304 SS316L Cartridge Filter Housing SS304 SS316L Cartridge Filter Housing

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JCFH Series Cartridge filter housing System is applied to filter out particles and bacteria above 0.1um in liquid and gas. The cartridge filter housing has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, fast transition speed, Sanitary design, less adsorption, no medium shedding, acid, and alkali corrosion resistance,  convenient operation, and easy filter cartridge change out.

JIELV cartridge filter system with the following three major configurations:

*Tri-Clamp lid type, easy to open, suitable for low flow rates and low-pressure applications.

*Flanged cover, quick opening design, for demanding applications.

*Flanged bolted cover type,  flanged cover with swing bolts, a top choice for high flow rates, high contaminant process stream, with horizontal and vertical installation design.


Stainless steel 304 316l cartridge filter housing has been widely used in the necessary equipment of medicine, chemical industry, electronics, Food &beverage, fruit wine, biochemical water treatment, environmental protection, and other industries.



High filtration accuracy, fast transition speed, less adsorption.

• No medium shedding, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and convenient operation.

 Convenient and quick replacement,saving labor and time.

 Small pressure loss, low operating cost ,long service life.

• Absolutely hygienic grade polishing.


•  Food and Beverage;

•  Water Treatment; 

•  Oil and Chemical; 

•  Paint and Ink;

•  Coating;

•  Petrochemicals Filtration;

•  Electronic Industry; 

•  Power and Utilities; 




Type of filter housing     JL-1R10"         JL-1R20"         JL-1R30"         JL-1R40"    
Length of cartridge (inch) 10 20 30 40
Single cartridge Flow Rate (M3/H) 0.5 1 1.5 2
Quantity of cartridge 1-15pcs of filter cartridge available for option
Cartridge End Cap Configuration DOE,222/Fin, 222/flat, 226/Fin, 226/Flat
Way of Inlet Topinlet, Sideinlet
Housing Material SS304,SS316L, PP, PVC
Inlet/Outlet Connection Quick valve, Flange, Thread
Inlet/Outlet Diameter 1", 1,5", 2", customized size.
Filtration Bag Media PE, PP,NMO,PTFE
Surface Treatment Mirror polishing / Sandblast finishing





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