High Flow Filter Cartridge Replace #1 #2 Filter Bag High Flow Filter Cartridge Replace #1 #2 Filter Bag

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv HFRB Series High Flow PP pleated filter cartridges combine the performance advantages of cartridges filters with the ease of use of bag filter systems. It offers a unique combination of benefits and unmatched economics.  The pleated media increases the effective filtration area with high flow and long service life. The optimal design structure makes the filter more cost advantageous to help users save costs.


• High flow rate, High efficiency

The optimal pleated and depth filtration structure design ensures high performance in filtration, while at the same time reducing costs.

 Wide chemical compatibility

100% polypropylene components provide wide chemical compatibility, suitable for use in varied fluids.

 Premium structure design, longer service life

With depth fine non-woven fabrics and scientific design, the filter has a good structure, and high mechanical strength, easily retrofit into an existing size 1 and size 2 bag housing. The inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures unwanted particles are trapped with the element.

 Top choice as replacement type for Pall Marksman



•  Food & beverage;

•  Sea water desalination

•  Drinking water

•  Machinery & Equipment; 






OD: 152mm
Length: 16" ,32"
Media: PP
Support: PP
Cage/ core/End cap: PP
Sealing: EPDM, NBR,Viton, etc
Max.Operating temperature: 82°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 2.4bar @20°C, 3.4bar@60°C

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating End Cap Type Length Seal material Filtration Type 
 HFRB 0.5= 0.5μm S=side entry housing 16=16" S=Silicone A=Absolute filtration 
 1=1μm 32=32"  E = EPDM B=Nominal filtration 
 3=3μm T=top entry housing    N=NBR  
 5=5μm    V = Viton  
10= 10μm        
20= 20μm        
40= 40μm        
70= 70μm        
100= 100μm        

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