PP Horizontal Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge Replacement For 3M PP Horizontal Pleated High Flow Filter Cartridge Replacement For 3M

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv HFHP Series High Flow PP Horizontal pleated filter cartridge is made from depth fine PP non-woven fabrics. The filter has a big diameter of 6 1/2 inches for high-flow filtration application. With advanced horizontal pleat technology, ensures max filtration area compared with same-size filters.  General structure design makes the filter with general features of high flow rate, high efficiency, and general low cost.



• Horizontal pleat, Large filtration area, High flow rate, High efficiency 

The general design of this type of filter cartridge makes the filter meet high demanding filtration efficiency.

 Wide chemical compatibility

100% polypropylene components provide wide chemical compatibility, suitable for use in varied fluids.

 High dirt holding capacity, long service life

With depth fine PP non-woven fabrics and scientific design, the filter has a good structure which has a high dirt holding capacity, long service life.



•  Food & beverage;

•  Oil & chemical; 

• Steel plant water treatment;

•  Power plant water treatment; 

•  Machinery & Equipment; 

•  Microelectronics;

•  Sea water desalination;



OD: 165mm
Length: 20",40", 60"
Media: PP
Support: PP
Cage/ core/End cap: PP 
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, Viton,E-FKM
Max.Operating temperature: 82°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 3 bar@21°C

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating End Cap Type Length Seal Material Core
 HFHP  0.5=0.5μm A=In-line handle &big outlet 20=20" S=Silicone P=PP
 1=1μm 40=40"  E = EPDM  
3=3μm  B=Cross handle &small outlet 60=60" V = Viton  
5=5μm   F= E-FKM  
10= 10μm        
20= 20μm        
40= 40μm        
70= 70μm        
100= 100μm        

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