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Product description

Air shower is used in microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductors, medicine, food, chemical industry, aviation, automotive, printing, laboratories, and other clean rooms and non-clean rooms, ladder cleanliness workshops, and is used for rooms with low cleanliness. In the process of entering the highly clean room, remove dust particles larger than 0.3 microns from all parts of the person, so as not to bring pollution after entering the clean room.


The cleaning and filtering air shower room is equipped with an intelligent multi-language voice prompt system. During the blowing shower, the automatic voice system prompts people to complete the entire blowing, showering, and dust removal process in an orderly manner to achieve an effective purification effect. The clean airflow is filtered by the high-efficiency filter The rotatable nozzles are sprayed onto the body from all directions to effectively and quickly remove the dust particles. The removed dust particles are then filtered by the high-efficiency filter and recirculated to the air shower area.


Fully automatic control, electronic interlocking, double doors are locked when blowing, and infrared induction is automatically blowing. Stainless steel half-glass door automatic door closer, transparent window, stainless steel inner low plate; software test controller, LED display and setting blowing time, adjustable range 0-99 seconds, High wind speed, low noise.


The air shower is the necessary channel to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room.


●  Humanized control panel design, 
●  Clear indicator indicator
●  Low resistance high-efficiency filter 
●  Pre-filtration & High-efficiency two-stage filtration system
●  Filtration efficiency: 99.99% 
●  Modular structure, assembled various lengths of air shower size 
● The inner wall panels are stainless steel and seamlessly connected
●  Imported electronic components, stable and reliable operation performance
● The lighting of the three-blow system with long service life
●  High-quality infrared sensor automatically showering, Low noise, Perfect sealing 
●  Sheet metal laser forming, exquisite appearance 
●  Adjustable time for showering
● Integrated panel, Chinese and English voice system, support other language customization;



● Computerized smart control interface, easy operation to set air shower mode and blowing time, infrared ray sensor to switch on/ off in the air shower cabinet

● With the pre-filter and HEPA filter in between, the airflow penetrates from the pre-filter then through a noise-proof fan to the HEPA filter and then blows out in a different direction which effectively removes particles from what human bodies carry in.

● Blowing speed $25m/s, stainless steel spray head. Blowing direction adjustable.

● A device intended for personnel dust removal during entering a clean room.


Nozzle: 304 stainless steel
Wind speed: 25-30m/s 
Noise: <65 dB
Filtration efficiency: H13 filter 99.99%@0.3um
Material: 304 stainless steel 
Blow Type: Single blow/Double blow/Three blow/surrounded blow/Vertical blow; 
Controller: Electronic control panel/ PLC
Power supply: 380V/50HZ


Technical parameters




JL-1590-1S JL-1590-1T
Outer Dimension  1290x10000x2050 1590x1000x2050 1590x3000x2050
Inner Dimension 790x920x1930 790x920x1930 790x2920x1930
Blowing speed ≥25
times of aeration 380 380 380
    number of blowing head    6 12 36
air shower duration 0-60
Filter Pre-filter, washable fiberglass media ≥5um, efficiency 95%, Hepa filter (efficiency ≥99.99%)
Power   380V/50HZ  
fluorescent lamp 20Wx1 20Wx1 20Wx3
power dissipation 0.35 0.7 1.05
Net weight 355 412 1150


*OEM factory, Other specifications can be customized.

*For any questions or to check product information, please contact the JIELV sales team right away!










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