Double Flange HEPA High Efficiency Air Filter Double Flange HEPA High Efficiency Air Filter

Double Flange HEPA High Efficiency Air Filter: This HEPA filter offers double flanges for secure installation. With enhanced efficiency in trapping airborne particles, it ensures cleaner indoor air. Ideal for HVAC systems and air purifiers, our Double Flange HEPA filter delivers superior performance and reliability.

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Product description

Double Flange HEPA High Efficiency Air Filter utilizes a technologically advanced media that incorporates a gradient-density fiber structure that results in exceptionally low airflow resistance, at the highest efficiency levels-reducing both energy and operating costs. These high-performance filters will improve indoor air quality and remove contaminants from HVAC environments. Filter class from ePM10 to ePM1.0,  Quality comply with EN779, ISO 16890, and ASHRAE 52.2 standards.



●  High efficiency (majorly for the capture of particles≥0.3μ m)

●  Flange type

●  Low resistance

●  Light-weight design



Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, intermediate or end of the filter of air conditioning systems.

1.  Clean room fresh air conditioning system, end filter of clean room air inlet.

2.  Widely used in electronics, optics, semiconductors painting, chemical, cosmetics, pharmacy, hospitals, automobile industries etc.

3.  End filter of commercial and household air purifiers.



Filtration Class: H10、H11. H12、 H13、H14 (EN1822)

Filter object: particles≥0.5μm、≥0.3μm

Arrestance Efficiency: 99%、99.9%、 99.99%、99.999%  (ASHRAE52.1-1992)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

High temperature resistance: ≤80℃

Instantaneous temperature :≤100℃

Protective mesh: Diamond metal paint sprayed.

Sealant: foamed EVA.

Sealant glue : AB component glue.

Separator: hot melt adhesive.

Filter material: ultra-thin glass fiber filter paper, artificial fiber filter paper.

Outer frame: aluminum alloy frame, galvanized steel frame, stainless steel frame, paper frame.

Technical parameters


      Model       Dimensions

Rated air flow 


Initial press drop (Pa)

Filtration efficiency 


W(mm) H(mm) D(mm) 0.25m/s 0.5m/s 0.75m/s
JL-DF 570 570 69 500 ≤120 ≤220 ≤240





610 610 69 600
630 630 80 800
1170 570 90 1500
1220 610 96 2000

Remark: Other specifications can be customized







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