High-Temperature Panel Air Filter High-Temperature Panel Air Filter

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Product description


High-Temp Mini-Pleat Panel Air Filter is a compact air filter designed for high-temperature working conditions, like in auto painting lines, and drying tunnel installations.


The filter features a mini-pleated media pack housed in a sturdy extruded aluminum or stainless steel profile, protected by faceguards on the air entering and air leaving sides. 

The filter has a one-piece glass rope gasket located on one side. No silicon-based adhesives, sealants, or glues are used.




●   High efficiency

●   Low resistance

●   High dust holding capacity

●   High temp resistance, can work under temperature 250-450℃



These sturdy economical panel filters are used for general air filtration in all types of high-temperature ventilating systems. Like in auto painting lines, and drying tunnel installations.





Filter Class: F6,F7,F8 (EN779:2012)

High-temperature resistance: 250℃, Peak 300℃

Filter material: Glassfiber

Frame:  Galvanized steel, stainless steel

Gasket: Glass rope on one side

Faceguards: Chrome alloy on both sides;

Technical parameters


      Model       Dimensions
     W(mm)           H(mm)           D(mm)     
JL-MHT 305 610 50
610 610 50
455 915 50
305 610 75
610 610 75
455 915 75

Remark: Other specifications can be customized.




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