Pre-filtration Panel Cardboard Air Filter Pre-filtration Panel Cardboard Air Filter

Pre-filtration Panel Cardboard Air Filters provide cost-effective filtration, capturing large particles and extending the lifespan of higher efficiency filters. Easy installation and disposal make maintenance hassle-free.

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Product description

Pre-filtration panel cardboard air filter is mainly non-woven filter media, which is commonly used to collect large dust particles in the air to avoid coarse dust premature blocking high efficiency filter equipment, ensuring high efficiency equipment long service life and good filtration performance.



●  High dust holding capacity
●  Media pack glued to perimeter & all cross bracing
●  Perimeter frame lapped interlock, glued for strength
●  Radial pleat design
●  Choice of MERV 2~MERV14 rating
●  Available in 1 2 3 4 inch depths selectable
●  Customized any size


Commercial and industrial ventilation systems, head or intermediate of the filter of air conditioning systems.

1. Central air-conditioning fresh air unit and ventilation system
2. Special constant-temperature and constant-humidity air conditioning units for program-controlled switches and computer rooms
3. It is especially suitable for pre-filtration system of paint spraying system, pre-filtration air compressor and gas turbine in paint spraying workshop
4. High efficiency filter pre-filtration system
5. It is widely used for prefiltration of centralized ventilation system in office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, ordinary industrial plants or clean rooms


Filtration Class: G1-G4; F5-F9 (EN799)

Media: Synthetic fiber media

Frame: Water Resistant Strong Cardboard

Filter object: particles≥5μm

Humidity: ≤90%RH

High temperature resistance: ≤80℃

Protective mesh: Diamond metal paint sprayed.

Sealant: foamed EVA.

Sealant glue: AB component glue.

Press drop:50pa; 

Suggest final press drop:250pa;



Technical parameters


Model       Nominal Size            Actual Size    

       Rated air flow      


Filtration efficiency 
       JL-CB        20x18x1 495x445x21 1500




24x10x1 595x241x21 1000
24x12x1 595x295x21 1190
24x14x1 595x343x21 1394
24x16x1 595x394x21 1650
24x18x1 595x445x21 1785
24x24x1 595x595x21 2380
20x10x2 495x241x46 1200
20x14x2 495x343x46 1658
20x15x2 495x368x46 1777
20x16x2 495x394x46 1870
20x20x2 495x495x46 2363
24x20x2 595x495x46 2839
24x24x2 595x595x46 3400
25x14x2 619x343x46 2000
25x15x2 619x368x46 2210
25x18x2 619x445x46 2660
20x20x4 495x495x96 2363
24x16x4 595x394x96 2261
24x18x4 595x445x96 2550
24x20x4 595x495x96 2839
24x24x4 595x595x96 3400

Remarks: other specification to be customized










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