Panel Pre-Filter Air Filter Panel Pre-Filter Air Filter

Panel Pre-Filter Air Filters offer efficient particle capture, prolonging the life of main filters. Their simple installation, cost-effectiveness, and easy maintenance ensure superior air quality in various environments.

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Product description

Panel primary air filters are available in standard and non-standard sizes with efficiency of G3 for the 8-10mm filter to G4 for the 20-25mm filter and are suitable for all residential and commercial applications. The Panel Primary Filters are suitable to non-critical applications or as a pre-filtration to extend the life of the secondary filter.





●   Low resistance

●   High Dust holding capacity

●   Economic

●   Washable



Pre- filter and foreign material filtration in commercial and industrial ventilation systems.

1.  Used for clean room conditioning system, pre filtration through fresh air venting units, and exterior air conditioning connection.

2.  Primary filtration of central air conditioning system.

3.  Pre filtration at the inlet of air purification equipment.

4.  Pre-filtration in a medium filter.

5.  Glass fiber plank pre filter In Ventilation system for outdoor fire proof and high temp resistance working condition.





Filter Grade: G2、G3. G4 (EN779); EU2、EU3. EU4 (EUROVENT)

Filter object: particles≥5μm

Humid tolerance (relative humidity): ≤100%RH

Filtration efficiency: 75%、85%、95% (ASHRAE52.1-1992)

High temperature resistance: Polyester fiber ≤100℃ ,glass fiber≤300℃

Instantaneous temperature : Polyester fiber≤120℃ ,glass fiber≤350℃

Filter material :polyester fiber cotton ,polyester fiber filter cotton ,glass fiber filter cotton.

Support structure: galvanized mesh. aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh ,spray plastic mesh.

Outer Frame: galvanized steel frame, aluminum alloy frame ,stainless steel frame.


Can be customized with washable material, multiple use after washing.

Can be customized with removable structure, outer frame and mesh can be multiple used.


Technical parameters


     Model       Dimensions

Rates air velocity


Rated air flow


Initial pressure drop


W(mm) H(mm) D(mm)

JL-F 7

595 595 7 1 1200 ≤50

JL-F 10

595 595 10

JL-F 15

595 595 15

JL-F 21

595 595 21

JL-F 25

595 595 25

JL-F 46

595 595 46

Remark: Other specifications can be customized








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