Metal Mesh Washable Pre-Filter Metal Mesh Washable Pre-Filter

The Metal Mesh Washable Pre-Filter offers durability and reusability, providing long-term cost savings and environmental benefits. Its efficient particle capture and washable design ensure consistent air quality with minimal maintenance, making it a sustainable choice for various applications.

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Product description

The Metal Mesh Pre Filter is made of multi-layer vertical and horizontal cross stainless steel woven mesh or aluminum woven mesh, with a heavy-duty aluminum frame, stainless steel frame, or galvanized steel frame.

The standard size is 1 inch and 2inches. It is suitable for use in industrial ventilation equipment and is also suitable for fluid filtration such as cutting fluid, chips, and coolant.  

It is a washable, long-service life pre-filter. 





●   Acid/Alkali resistible

●   Preservative

●  High dust collection, Low-pressure loss

●   Washable, solid structure, long service life

●   Multiple layers of wavy aluminum mesh and stainless steel mesh.



Pre- filter and foreign material filtration in commercial and industrial ventilation systems.

1.  Used for clean room conditioning system, pre filtration through fresh air venting units, and exterior air conditioning connection.

2.  Primary filtration of central air conditioning system.

3.  Pre filtration at the inlet of Air purification equipment.

4.  Primary filtration in a filtration system.

5.  Pre-filtration in Ventilation system for outdoor fire proof and high temperature resistance working condition.





Filter objects: more than 10μ m pre-filtration of particles

Humidity: ≤100%RH

Temperature:≤300℃ maximum in continue service

Instantaneous temperature resistance: ≤350℃


Technical parameters


         Model    No    


 Rated airflow 


W(mm) H(mm) D(mm)
JL-MP122410 289 595 10 1700
JL-MP202021 289 595 21 1700
JL-MP202021 495 495 21 2380
JL-MP202421 495 595 21 2800
JL-MP242421 595 595 21 3400
JL-MP122446 289 595 46 1700
JL-MP202046 495 495 46 2380
JL-MP202446 495 495 46 2800
JL-MP242446 595 595 46 3400

Remark: Other specifications can be customized without additional charges.









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