BX Series High Temp Flame Retardant Filter (Fiberglass Media) BX Series High Temp Flame Retardant Filter (Fiberglass Media)

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Product description

High Temp Flame Retardant Filter Media, the glass fiber is used as a non-woven fabric and the air outlet surface is specially treated to solve fiber loss conditions.The utility model can be used for 300 DEG C for a long time without aging with excellent dimensional stability.Excellent flame retardant feature ,with no fire insoluble droplets , no carbon accumulation, no shrinkage and no deformation.Good chemical resistance and alkali corrosion resistance ,moisture resistance ,low moisture absorption and long service life.



●   Low resistance

●   Flexibility

●   High dust holding capacity

●   High temperature resistance





All kinds of high temperature, fire proof environment ventilation equipment, dust removal equipment, as well as air supply system.

1.  High temperature drying room, drying tunnel ,oven, baking room, coating equipment air filtration of high temperature equipment.

2.  All kinds of high temperature mechanical and electrical equipment, room and other equipment protective dust filtration.

3.  Ventilation systems for high fire-proof protection requirements

4.  High temperature exhaust gas emission filtration.

5.  High temperature resistant filter material.

6.  Can be customized in pad/pad with frame/roll





Filter grade: G2 G3 G4 F5 (EN779); EU2 EU3 EU4 EU5 (EUROVENT)

Inflaming retarding grade: Grade A (GBB624)

Humidity: ≤100%RH

Filter particles: ≥5μm

Final pressure: 250Pa (suggested)

Temperature:≤300℃ maximum in continue service

Instantaneous temperature resistance: ≤350℃




Technical parameters


       Model          Dimensions

Temperature resistance


Rates air velocity 


Initial pressure drop


Average filtration efficiency 
Length(m) Width(m) Thickness(mm)
JL-HT  500 500 23 ≤240 1 ≤25 90%
800 800 23

Remark: Other specifications can be customized







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