How to replace filter cartridge?


How to replace filter cartridge?


The filter cartridge is the core filter component of the liquid filter housing. Generally, the filter cartridges need to be replaced in time when they are deformed or damaged or when the liquid filter fails to meet the water outlet requirements. 

Please refer to the replacement steps as follows:

1. Stop the filter and remove the manhole cover;
2. Unscrew the compression nut of the filter housing, remove the pressure plate, take out the filter cartridge, and then rinse the inside of the equipment with water;
3. Remove the upper and lower positioning rings at both ends of the filter cartridge, clean it with water, and then insert the two ends of the new filter cartridge respectively. It should be noted that before any new filter cartridges are used, they must be soaked for about half an hour to keep they are in a wet state;
4. Insert the end of the new filter cartridge with the lower positioning ring into the hole of the perforated plate;
5. Take the tie rod as the axis, put it into the pressure plate, insert the upper positioning ring of the filter cartridge into the corresponding pressure plate hole, and tighten the compression nut;
6. After the filter cartridge is installed, install the manhole cover and turn on the water;
7. Finally, open the water inlet valve and the exhaust valve. When the water is full of the equipment, open the clean valve, close the exhaust valve,  and observe the water outlet from the clean outlet. After the water is free of foam, it can be put into normal operation.


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