How to clean filter element/cartridge?


How to clean filter element/cartridge?


After production, thorough cleaning of the filter element can minimize the physical blockage of the filter membrane and is also a requirement for preservation or integrity testing of the filter element after production. For aqueous and organic solvent filter elements, the recommended cleaning methods are as follows:

1. Soak the filter element with 1% NaOH solution (30-60°C) for 2 hours, and wash it with pure water. However, Hybrid Cellulose Membrane Cartridges are not suitable.

2. Acid: soak the filter element in 0.5% HCI solution for 10 minutes, and rinse it with pure water.

1. The filter element shall not be reversely flushed to prevent deformation under pressure;

2. Avoid being damaged by other objects during cleaning;

3. The filter element should be cleaned with high-quality water;

4. It is recommended that the general cleaning temperature be 30-60°C; the soaking cleaning time is 30-60 minutes;

5. After cleaning, the cleaning agent should be thoroughly washed;

6. If you want to use special cleaning agents or special cleaning conditions, please contact Jielv filter.


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