PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Sterilization - PESB Series PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge High Efficiency Pharmaceutical Sterilization - PESB Series

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Product Series Introduction

JIELV PESB PES membrane pleated filter cartridge, This series of filter media is composed of high-quality double-layer asymmetric polyethersulfone and a support layer. The characteristics of this series of filter membranes make the filter media have extremely high flow and dirt holding capacity and the filter cartridge has a long service life.The PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge is a high-efficiency filtration solution designed for pharmaceutical sterilization applications. It features a PES (Polyethersulfone) membrane that effectively filters out particles and microorganisms, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness and sterility.


High durable PES membrane and PP components, Re-sterilisable

 Unique hydrophilicity facilitates wetting testing

 Free of substances, such as adhesives, binders

 Produced in a 100kclass clean environment;

 All filter media and components use food-grade approved materials; 

 100% integrity tested during manufacturing, absolute sterilization, with unique serial number for full traceability.

 Wide range of chemical compatibility (ph 1-14), effective for various pharmaceutical filtration processes. 


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Used in critical processes such as the filtration of vaccines, biologics, and other pharmaceutical products.

Biotechnology: Suitable for bioprocessing, cell culture, and fermentation processes where sterility and product purity are paramount.

Clinical Laboratories: Used for sterilization and clarification of reagents and culture media.

Food and Beverage: Ideal for the filtration of liquids in the production of high-purity food and beverages.

Cosmetics Manufacturing: Used to maintain the purity and sterility of cosmetic products during production.

Laboratory and Research: Suitable for various laboratory and research applications where sterile filtration is essential.

The PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge is a dependable and high-efficiency filtration solution, specially designed to meet the rigorous sterility and purity requirements of pharmaceutical and related industries.



OD: 69mm
Length: 5",10",20",30",40" 
Media: PES
Support: PP
Cage/ core/End cap: PP
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, NBR
Sterilization method:

Autoclave at 121°C,60minutes;

Online, at 135°C,30minutes; 

Bacterial Retention: 0.22um, LRV ≥7
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 4bar @ 21°C, 2.4bar @ 80°C,

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating End Cap Connection Length Seal Material Core
 PESB  0.1= 0.1μm A = DOE 5=5" S=Silicone P=PP
  0.22= 0.22μm    B = 226/FIN 10=10"  E = EPDM S=Stainless steel
 0.45= 0.45μm C=226/Flat 20=20" N=NBR  
0.65= 0.65μm D=226/Fin/SS 30=30"    
  E=226/Flat/SS   40=40"     



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