PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge Pharmaceutical Sterilization - PESA Series PES Membrane Pleated Filter Cartridge Pharmaceutical Sterilization - PESA Series

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv PESA pleated filter cartridge with absolute precision polyethersulfone membrane pleated filter media. It can remove more bacteria and particles with high flow and low-pressure drop.

The excellent performance of the PESA series comes from its unique filter media. It adopts an imported asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane. Porous structured membrane with pore size decreasing with depth, highly durable structure maintains consistent porosity and retention throughout use.

All components of the PESA series filter cartridge comply with regulations for food contact use. The advanced hot-melt welding process ensures the integrity of the filter media. This type of filter cartridge is suitable for the vast majority of the pharmaceutical industry, Partial terminal sterilization filtration. 


High durable PES membrane and PP components, Re-sterilisable

 Unique hydrophilicity facilitates wetting testing

 Free of substances, such as adhesives, binders

 Produced in a 100kclass clean environment;

 All filter media and components are food-grade approved materials; 

 100% integrity tested during manufacturing



•  Large infusion, small injection, sterile filtration of eye drops; 

•  sterile filtration of biological products;

•  Sterile filtration of antibiotic aqueous feeds;

•  Sterile filtration of cleaning and disinfecting solutions; 



OD: 69mm
Length: 5",10",20",30",40" 
Media: PES
Support: PP
Cage/ core/End cap: PP
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, NBR
Sterilization method:

Autoclave at 121°C,60minutes;

Online, at 135°C,30minutes; 

Bacterial Retention: 0.22um, LRV ≥7
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 4bar @ 21°C, 2.4bar @ 80°C,

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating End Cap Connection Length Seal Material Core
 PESA  0.1= 0.1μm A = DOE 5=5" S=Silicone P=PP
  0.22= 0.22μm    B = 226/FIN 10=10"  E = EPDM S=Stainless steel
 0.45= 0.45μm C=226/Flat 20=20" N=NBR  
0.65= 0.65μm D=226/Fin/SS 30=30"    
1= 1μm E=226/Flat/SS   40=40"     
1.2= 1.2μm F=222/Flat      



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