Nylon Melt Blown Filter Cartridge -JIELV JMBN Series Nylon Melt Blown Filter Cartridge  -JIELV JMBN Series

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JMBN Series Melt Blown filter cartridge is fused and intertwined with micro denier nylon fiber. 3-layer filtration structure, loose outside, and close inner side,  gradually changes deep filtration structure. Nylon melt blown filter cartridge is designed and applied in high-temperature working conditions or applications involving solvents, hydrocarbons, and aromatics where PP melt blown filter cartridges are not suitable.




• Thermal bond without using any binders and adhesives. No chemical adhesive used, and high cleanliness can meet food grade requirements. 

  suitable for high working temperatures up to 120°C. wide chemical compatibility and no pollution to water/liquids.

 3-layer graded density filtration structure, micro-denier nylon filter fiber ensure high dirt holding capacity, high efficiency, and long service life.





•  Food and Beverage;

•  Cosmetic; 

• Resin coating; 

•  Fine chemical

•  Microelectronics;

•  Paint

•  Pharmaceutics



OD: 63mm
I.D.: 28mm
Length: 9.75", 9.87",10",20",30",40" 
Media: Nylon
Cage/ core/End cap: Nylon,Glass fiber filled PP
Gasket: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton,etc.
Max.Operating temperature: 120°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 2.5bar @ 21°C, 1-25um

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating Length End Cap  Seal Material Core
 JMBN  1=1μm 975=9.75" Blank = DOE S=Silicone Blank=without core
 3=3μm 987=9.87" A=226/FIN  E = EPDM N=Nylon 
 5=5μm 10=10" B=226/Flat N=NBR P=Glass fiber filled PP
10= 10μm 20=20" C=222/FIN  V = Viton  
20= 20μm 30=30" D=222/Flat Blank=without  
25= 25μm 40=40"      
50= 50μm 50=50"      
75= 75μm 60=60"      
100= 100μm        







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