Carbon Block Filter Cartridge-Coconut Carbon Powder- Jielv JCC Series Carbon Block Filter Cartridge-Coconut Carbon Powder- Jielv JCC Series

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JCC series Carbon Block filter cartridge (CTO) is made from high-grade coconut shell powder and imported food-grade additives. It can hold up particles/impurities, absorb smells, and effectively reduce chlorine & chloramine, and heavy metals in water. It helps the safety of both drinking water and some industrial using water.


• Remove chlorine, peculiar smells, organics, heavy metals, VOC's.

• Food grade materials, Good strength, fine integrality.

• Improves taste and odor of water.

• Excellent adsorption capacity,  small pressure drops, no carbon fine releasing, no pollution to water & liquids.

• Filter life: replace every 3-6 months or 13000gallons depending on water quality.


•  Food & beverage;

•  Drinking water;



OD: 48.5mm,65mm,70mm,115mm,
I.D.: 16.5mm, 28mm,30mm,
Length: 9.75", 9.87", 10",20",30"
Media: Quality Coconut shell powder
Netting: PE
End cap: PP
Netting: EPDM
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating DP: 7.2 bar@21°C

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating Diameter Length
 JCC  0.5=0.5μm A=OD48.5mm; ID16.5mm   975=9.75"  
 1=1μm  B=OD65mm; ID30mm 987=9.87"
5=5μm C=OD70mm; ID28mm  10=10"
10=10μm D=OD115mm; ID28mm    20=20" 

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