Carbon Filter Cartridge-Granular activated carbon GAC filter Carbon Filter Cartridge-Granular  activated carbon GAC filter

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv CTO Carbon Block filter cartridge, This type of carbon block filter cartridge is manufactured with high-purity activated carbon and wrapped with dense PP food-grade non-shedding fabric, preventing carbon fines from entering the filtered water.

Jielv carbon block filter cartridges are good for filtering odor and organic matter and are also approved for the food and beverage industry.




Remove chlorine, peculiar smells, and organic substances, VOC's. 

 High adsorption capacity.

• Improves taste and odor of water, and No carbon fine releasing.

• Economical choice compared to other carbon block products, related production with improved technology.


•  Food & beverage;

•  Drinking water;

• Chemical and plating;



OD: 48.5mm,65mm,70mm,115mm,
I.D.: 16.5mm, 28mm,30mm,
Length: 9.75", 9.87", 10",20",30", 40"
Media: Acid washed coal based GAC
Netting: LDPE
Gasket: EPDM,Silicone,
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating DP: 7.2 bar@21°C

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating Diameter Length
 CTO  5=5μm A=OD48.5mm; ID16.5mm   975=9.75"  
 10=10μm  B=OD65mm; ID30mm 987=9.87"
  C=OD70mm; ID28mm  10=10"
  D=OD115mm; ID28mm    20=20" 

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