HVAC Air Filters In Data Center

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HVAC Air filters provide many commercial benefits in various industrial applications, let's discover more of their role in the data center.

They increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption while providing a healthy work environment. Energy efficient filters reduce the carbon footprint of the equipment, and air filters with flame retardant properties improve fire performance.

Statistics show that mission-critical computers in data centers and the cooling needed to keep them running consume a lot of power. For example, data centers in the United States are estimated to consume 2% of the nation's electricity, 32% of which is used for air conditioning systems, and air filters can help reduce energy costs by around 40%.

To reduce the huge cost of running a data center facility, some homeowners opt for free air cooling in places with cool natural climates. But the incoming air must be purified to protect the equipment, by relying on air filtration to maintain the flow of clean air and the safe flow of data.

Particulate matter and gaseous pollutants pose a serious threat to equipment safety. Contamination can cause equipment downtime, complete failure, or in the worst case, complete data loss.

Server rooms can be exposed to high corrosive levels of particulate or molecular gas contamination, with printed circuit boards, contacts, and conductors most vulnerable to damage, circuit failure and burnout, and even a fire risk.



HVAC Air filters provide a healthy, safe indoor environment free of harmful air pollutants. It is important to note, however, that no matter what type of cooling unit or air handling unit (AHU) is installed in the facility, the filters to be used must be carefully evaluated to manage drag and maintain as close to maximum fan efficiency as possible.

Efficiency assurance and total cost of ownership (TCO) are the best key factors in deciding which filter to choose when you consider the number of filters required in a ventilation system. JIELV provides filters that not only operate more efficiently, Moreover, the volume of the AHU and the fan can also be reduced, and the operating cost and initial installation investment can be saved.

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