Choosing the Right Air Filter Media

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The most popular option for regulating industrial air quality is dust collectors. Dust collectors are essential to your company's success since they improve site security, safeguard employee health, and aid in regulatory compliance.

To ensure that your dust collecting system is working at maximum efficiency, correctly eliminating particulate, and maintaining airflow from your operation, choosing the appropriate filter media for your baghouse is crucial.

In this article, we'll talk about how to select the appropriate filter media.


Selecting the correct filter cloth types

There are following common three basic categories from which to pick when selecting a filter medium.

  • Non-woven felts
  • woven media
  • synthetics

Your application will determine which bag filter media is suitable for your application. This is because the effectiveness of your filter bag depends heavily on its capacity to withstand and function in the environment that it is being utilized.

Take into account for following three aspects:

  • Thermal.
  • Chemical.
  • Mechanical.


Preventing Thermal Failure

You must be aware of the airstream's constant operating temperature at the baghouse's inlet in terms of temperature. Consider this:

What fibers you can use for the filter media will depend on the answers to these questions. Most industrial-grade natural and synthetic fibers would function if the ambient operating temperature was around 120°F and there were no surges.

You will require a specialist medium if your working temperature is above 400°F and there are frequently 500°F surges. Make that the filters, such as PTFE or fiberglass, can withstand these higher temperatures without degrading or impairing baghouse performance.

The filter media will fail thermally if these conditions are not met. Loss of media strength, shrinkage or elongation of the media, or even the loss of protective coatings on the media are all signs of this.


Preventing chemical failure

You should think about the chemical makeup of the dust and gas stream once you have an understanding of how the baghouse will perform thermally. Ask:

  • What is the typical weather?
  • Has the temperature risen recently?
  • How hot does it get and what is the frequency and length of those surges?

    If these factors are ignored, chemical failure could result from improperly applied filter media. This failure may result from an acid attack on certain fibers, media weakening from alkalinity, or other problems related to the quantity of oxygen in the gas stream.

    Any of these issues could cause the baghouse filter media to prematurely fail, necessitating a shutdown of operations and unplanned maintenance.


  • Are there any typical chemical reactions I should anticipate in the filtration process?

    • Are there any gas stream conditioning agents I'm infusing that might react in the collector?
    • Will I have to constantly start up and shut down, passing the baghouse through the dew point?
      • Dust particle size: Does it have a small, embedded size that causes a non-recoverable high dP?
      • The characteristics of the dust: Is it "sticky" and challenging to clean? Does the dust contain a lot of moisture?
      • Abrasiveness - Will it wear down the fabric with its abrasiveness, generating emissions and causing holes in the fabric?
      • Defective construction - Did a faulty or broken filter end up being installed in the baghouse, causing mechanical problems with the filter or other nearby filters?
      • "Normal" operation - Despite your best efforts, filter bags will eventually reach their "mileage" limit and start to malfunction mechanically.
      • Combustibility of dust.
  • Preventing mechanical failure

    You must take into account the operating circumstances the baghouse will experience. Even when everything is done correctly, filter media will ultimately stop working. Similar to how car tires lose tread after reaching a certain mileage, it is necessary to change them.

    All of the following can impact a filter's performance due to mechanical failure:

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