What Is an Air Filter Media?

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Today we are going to look at the filter media in air filter equipment with you. These commonly used filter media are an important part of an air filter device, and now we will discuss the properties of these media.

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Classification of filter media used in industry

1. Rigid filter media: usually refers to sintered metal mesh, powder sintered materials, porous ceramics, sintered porous plastics, glass filter media, etc.

2. Loose filter media: diatomite, cellulose, sand, charcoal powder and other media

3. Metal filter media

4. Non-metallic filter media: including cotton fabrics, wool fabrics, synthetic fiber fabrics, non-woven fiber fabrics, etc.

5. Mixed media of metal and non-metal.

The filtration principle of the medium

General air filter media characteristics need to meet the following requirements:

1. It is necessary to ensure that the particles can quickly form a "bridge" on the surface of the medium at the beginning of filtration to ensure that the fine particles will not be lost.

2. The pores of the filter medium contain fewer particles and are not easy to block.

3. The adsorbed filter cake can be easily removed.

4. Very easy to clean and regenerate.

Requirements for filter media

1. There must be high-quality filtration characteristics, such as low resistance and high precision.

2. Good physical and mechanical properties, such as wear resistance.

3. Good chemical stability when necessary, corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.

4. The medium should be easy to clean, regenerate, and safe and reliable to use.

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Above, we have introduced the performance of filter media in air filter equipment from three different aspects. We can also see that these media are really very important in an air filter device.

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