How to Choose the Right Liquid Filter

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In industrial and commercial settings, as well as in various domestic applications, liquid filters play a crucial role in ensuring the purity, safety, and efficiency of fluid systems. Selecting the right liquid filter is paramount for maintaining optimal system performance, prolonging equipment lifespan, and adhering to environmental regulations. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the key factors to consider when choosing the right liquid filter for your specific needs.

According to the precision of filtering

The decision of filtration accuracy can be the most troublesome problem, because the range of accuracy is very wide, and if we want to remove the pollution visible to the naked eye, we need to choose 25 micron equipment. If we want to remove the cloud in the liquid, choose 1 or 5 micron equipment. To remove the smallest bacteria, 0.2 micron equipment is required, so the filtration accuracy required is different depending on the use environment.

The current filtration precision unit has two different classifications: precision and nominal precision. Precision refers to the ability to remove 100% of the particles with the indicated precision, which is impossible for any kind of filtration equipment. Others belong to nominal accuracy, which is the main standard when selecting equipment, and it is also our trouble because there is no standard recognized and implemented in the industry for nominal accuracy. Faced with such a problem, choosing an experienced filter supplier will help select filtering accuracy, and the real solution can only be determined after use.

Micron & Membrane pleated filter cartridge

According to filtration temperature and viscosity

Professional filtration equipment providers can accurately calculate what kind of filtration equipment is needed in various industries, such as how many filter elements to install, how much flow rate each filter element bears, initial pressure drop, etc. If the performance of the filter medium can be provided, which is also useful for our selection.

Filter system design

The design includes many different aspects. What pressure source should we choose? How much pressure is needed? Do two sets of filter equipment need to be installed in parallel? How to match the coarse filter and fine filter? Do you need to install a check valve or other Installation? This series of questions should be fully considered at the beginning of the design.

Selection of filter material

When selecting materials, the first thing we need to do is to select the corresponding available filter materials according to the properties of the filter medium, and then evaluate the operating temperature, pressure, and pH value one by one to remove the inapplicable filter materials.

Carbon filter cartridge


It should be noted that the different uses of the product are also an important factor to be considered. For example, the filter material used in the production of drugs, food, and cosmetics must be FDA-approved. In the production of ultra-pure water, pure, release-free filter materials are required. When filtering general gas, it is necessary to choose a hydrophobic material.

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