PTFE Hydrophilic Pleated Filter Cartridge- JPQ Series PTFE Hydrophilic Pleated Filter Cartridge- JPQ Series

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Product Series Introduction

Jielv JPQ Series PTFE hydrophilic pleated filter cartridge with excellent chemical compatibility and corrosion resistance. The membrane is hydrophilic and can filter liquid directly without pre-wetting to save operation time.


• Excellent chemical compatibility

PTFE membrane with excellent chemical compatibility. It's suitable for various chemicals and can be used for filtering many kinds of corrosive liquids.

Absolute filtration efficiency

PTFE membrane with high filtration efficiency and absolute micron ratings. Suitable for demanding filtration requirements.

Hydrophilic membrane without pre-wetting

The membrane is hydrophilic which can filter the liquid directly without pre-wetting, which saves operation time.




•  Filtration of ultra-pure microelectronic chemicals;

•  Sterile filtration of pharmaceutical chemicals

•  Filtration of strong oxidizing property liquids;

•  Filtration of strong causticity liquids; 




OD: 69mm
Length: 5",10",20",30",40" 
Media: Hydrophilic PTFE Membrane
Support: PP
Cage/ core/End cap: PP
Sealing: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton, Teflon,E-FKM 
Max.Operating temperature: 80°C
Max.Operating Pressure: 4bar @ 21°C, 2.4bar @ 80°C,

Ordering Code

  Removal Rating End Cap Connection Length Seal Material Core
 JPQ 0.1= 0.1μm A = DOE 5=5" S=Silicone P=PP
0.22= 0.22μm B = 226/FIN 10=10"  E = EPDM S=Stainless steel
 0.45= 0.45μm C=226/Flat 20=20" N=NBR  
1=1μm D=226/Fin/SS 30=30"  V = Viton  
5=5μm E=226/Flat/SS  40=40" T=Teflon   
10=10μm F=222/Flat   F=E-FKM  





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