What are the basic aspects to evaluate the quality of PP Melt blown filter cartridge?

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1. Check the weight.

Generally speaking, the heavier the weight, the heavier the fiber density of the filter element, and the better the quality. When regular filter element manufacturers respond to the specification requirements of melt-blown filter element orders, they can achieve each specification's unified and standardized filter element weight.

Is the higher the weight of the filter cartridge, the better the quality?
No, firstly, because the higher the weight, the more expensive the price, which means the higher the cost of use. Second, the higher the weight, the finer the filtration precision, the finer the filtration precision, the higher the frequency of filter element replacement, and the higher the cost! Of course, it is not enough if it is too low. It is mainly necessary to judge the water quality of raw water and the water quality requirements of pure water. If the weight is low, the filtration accuracy is often not enough, especially for the protection of the subsequent reverse osmosis.

Therefore, when selecting the weight of melt-blown PP cotton, neither the heavier the better, nor the lighter the better, but choose the most suitable one according to raw and pure water's water quality requirements.

PP Melt Blown  Filter Cartridge With Orange Surface -JIELV JMBO Series

2. Check the compressibility.

Generally speaking, when the inner and outer diameters remain the same, the greater the weight, the stronger the compressibility. However, if the size of the inner and outer diameters is changed, the compression performance can also be changed. The only difference is that the filter element's service life and pressure-bearing capacity will decrease. There is a big difference! You can also pinch and press properly to see if it is firm. In principle, the stronger it is, the stronger the compressibility is. Stronger compressibility means that the fiber density is very high. Then such PP The quality of the cotton filter element is also better. But you can't just look at the hardness of the filter element, which is also unscientific.

3. What kind of conditions can be judged as poor-quality melt-blown filter cartridges?

*The inside and outside of the filter element are layered, the incision has three steps, the inside is thick and the outside is thin, and the acupuncture points are small.
*Thick on the inside and thin on the outside, three-level layered.
* The layering is obvious, and the thickness of the inside and outside is the same, there is no difference.

How to check the quality from the appearance?

You can directly tear off a layer to check whether the texture is smooth, whether the drawing is even, whether the winding is tight, and whether there is any fiber falling off.

What are the general characteristics of a good quality melt-blown filter element?
It can be seen that the inside is thin and the outside is thick, the inner core is thin and white, and the outside is thick and slightly rough, but the overall shape is seamless, without obvious layers, and it seems to be made of a nozzle. The side shot is still uniform and smooth, with layers inside and no sense of steps. The outer surface is not smooth, and the outer silk is thicker than the inner silk, and the whole is smooth and even.

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