Industrial Application of Liquid Filters for Filtration

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Industrial liquid filters are systems that involve a series of stages to remove unwanted material from water used in industrial applications. These materials may be solids, dissolved metals, chemicals, odors, minerals, and other impurities.

 In addition, a filtration system aids saving time, energy, and costs, or if not, imagine having to lose a business due to a quality problem in your products or having to replace some equipment for not having the desired quality.  

In this article, we will discuss the major applications of industrial liquid filters. 

Industrial Applications of Liquid Filters

The main function of industrial water filters is to protect human health if water is an important part of the product to be manufactured or a secondary ingredient, in addition to components or machinery in industrial applications.

1. Protection of pumps, valves, and injectors

Valves, pumps, and injectors are industrial equipment for the treatment of all types of liquids. Because they are elements designed to have a long useful life, it is vitally important to take precautions in their care and conservation.

By prior filtration of liquids, we ensure good protection and prevention of premature wear of valves, pumps, and injectors, extending the useful life of the equipment while saving on maintenance costs, machinery changes, and spare parts.

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2. Refrigerants

For the filtration of refrigerant liquids, filters are used, usually, filter cartridges. These filters are installed directly in the cooling system of engines and machinery and act as bypass filters, where only a part of the liquid flows through the filter.

As is evident, the main function of coolant filtration is the efficient capture and retention of solid contaminants that enter the circuit.  

3. Metallurgy

Due to the growing competition between companies in the metallurgical sector, the urgent need for productivity improvements has increased.

This is where the search for more efficient processes appears in terms of productivity, efficiency, and predictive maintenance.

Due to this, the filtration of the products used in the metallurgical sector has experienced an increase in the demand for the quality and maintenance of the product to reduce costs and reduce the probability of failure, to be much more productive. and efficient.

4. Catalysts

Catalysts refer to simple or compound substances or elements that act as accelerators of a specific chemical reaction (catalysis), reducing the times in which it is carried out, without altering the final product in any way or losing mass during the process.

As there is a wide range of catalyst substances, it is decided to use, in most cases, and depending on the need and the catalyst to be filtered, filter cartridges to obtain a pure catalyst without contaminants.

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Today, using poor-quality water in the production processes of companies is a risk that companies are not willing to take.

For this reason, liquid filters are very effective solution to offer water suitable for consumption.

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