Why Is Industrial Wastewater Treatment Important?

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Why do we treat wastewater? Without treatment, the amount of wastewater in the environment would cause devastation. It does so, in fact, in developing nations: Globally, over 80 percent of all wastewater is discharged without treatment. This leads to mass illness and severe disruption of the food chain.
Untreated wastewater poses significant health risks, accounting for 1.7 million deaths annually —over 90 percent of those in developing nations.

Water resource pollution mitigation and water resource reuse

For a global development, the storage of water resources itself is limited for enterprises. With the continuous discharge of various electronic industrial waste water, the water available for our study and life has become increasingly scarce. Only by managing limited resources more scientifically and rationally can this vicious circle be alleviated. With the implementation of modern industrial wastewater treatment facilities and safety analysis of industrial wastewater treatment equipment, the current sewage discharge status in my country and other places will be effectively improved, large-scale pollution of clean water sources will be avoided, and wastewater can be recycled after corresponding treatment. , alleviating the water crisis.

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Multiple uses

Treated wastewater is widely utilized in agriculture as well as in thermal power plants. The untreated wastewater can be highly contaminated with deadly pathogens causing severe health hazards in humans and other life forms. Here, ClO2 acts as an anti-microbial agent to get rid of the deadly pathogens while treating industrial wastewater. So, after being treated with chlorine dioxide, industrial wastewater can prove to be a good substitute for groundwater or other naturally occurring water resources. Such treated wastewater can be effective in crop production, horticulture as well as gardening, among others. Also, since such water is considered safe and economical, it can be used by thermal power plants to treat fly ash.

Segregate compounds

Wastewater comprises natural compounds and metals. Before reusing treated wastewater, the above-mentioned substances need to be removed for use in various industrial operations. For instance, iron and steel plants produce wastewater as a part of their industrial activity. Also, mining industries use treated wastewater to segregate compounds like coal from the rocks, dirt, and sand. Importantly, ClO2 oxidizes the floating particles in wastewater, reduces its turbidity, and makes it usable for the mining industry as a substitute for surface water.

Environmental friendly

Among all kinds of sewage discharged, industrial wastewater is difficult to deal with. Because these discharged industrial wastewater contains a large amount of metals or other toxic substances, these substances will mix together, various chemical reactions will occur, and the degree of water pollution will be aggravated. The use of industrial wastewater treatment equipment to treat wastewater can protect the environment and improve people's living environment.

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